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Unique Website for Netherland’s Drenthe Province.

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  • DrentheIndustryCMS
  • DrentheCountryNetherland

Our client wanted us to develop a website for citizens of Netherlands. This site will let user navigate through latest news, articles, offers from website, and provide weather updates. Key goal is to create an amazing platform to share everyday information about the Drenthe province.


Key Features

  • Integrated clickable map on homepage to guide user to domain-specific websites.
  • Search facility with advanced search options.
  • Hotel search for preferred location and duration.
  • Comprehensive and updated information on News, Events and Albums for different province.
  • Weather updates of Drenthe province.
  • Event Calendar.
  • Front-end in Dutch language.

Integrated clickable image map of Drenthe on home page, where user can simply click and go to a specific geographic area and visit website dedicated to that area for exclusive information.


Intuitive Interface. Superior User Experience. is an information centric website providing updates relating to News, Events and Albums for different regions. The website is supported by enhanced search functionality to provide relevant information at a single click.

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