"Hidden Brains specializes in Node.js to build scalable applications based on asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime."

Our experienced Node.js experts help envision, design and develop Node.js development solutions for business advantages and excellence to overcome challenges in different domains.

We aim to accelerate innovation using Node.js technologies focused on efficiently managing systems, improving user experience, and reducing costs.

As a leading Node.js web development company, we help our clients refine and enhance their application and improve their go-to-market. We provide an array of services including consulting, design, development, maintenance of Node.js that can play a critical role in achieving goals.

Custom Node.js

We build Node.js applications to develop real-time web and mobile apps, desktop apps, and more to gain business advantage.

API Development

Extend the functionality of the web applications to achieve your key goals with Node.JS API development and integration.


We develop & integrate custom NodeJS plugins to enhance functionalities of client's website and ensure optimum performance.


Our highly experienced technical experts help understand businesses & envision Node.js application development services.

Back-end dashboards

We help you to create a backend for the web with Node.js dashboard development services tailored for your needs.

Rich Web

Node.js flexibility combined with our expertise can be used to create rich web apps providing real time feedback to users.

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Client Testimonials

Our client testimonials showcase trusted services, consultative approach to drive growth with digital transformation.

Client Testimonials

Our clients across the globe recognize our persistence to deliver industry-focused technology solutions, as well as our flexible processes.


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What is Node.js? Is Node.js secure?
Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine offering advanced features to ensure a web application's security.
What are the benefits of using Node.js?
Node.js is lightweight due to its event driven architecture, utilizes Javascript both on the server and client side, and allows quick data streaming.
How much does it cost to build a Node.js application?
The cost of a Node.js project depends on the level of customization, complexity of the app, industry compliances, advanced functionalities and much more.
Can you sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for my project?
Yes, we are committed to meeting clients' requirements, delivering results and keeping information confidential by signing the NDA.

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