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Business Problem

Transcending challenges to build an event management platform with custom integrations for business purposes.

Having used platforms like Eventbrite for years. Our client came up with the idea of developing a custom event management platform. Our client wanted to replace the current platform that he was using for ticket management and introduce new features like deals, custom memberships, etc.

The idea was to cater good features of the Eventbrite platform and take care of the client's custom needs that fit business processes.


Building event management platform like Eventbrite to create a world-class user experience, specially tailored for specific requirements.

  • Unique Business Model

    A complex and unique business model that needed
    a lot of brainstorming and prototyping.

  • New Ideas

    The key challenge was to keep a balance
    between what should be picked for the first
    phase of development and what should be
    parked and taken up in the next phase.

  • Client Expectations

    Considering a new business model, client
    expectations were automatically high.

  • Complexity

    Complex business cases to be catered not
    only to match Eventbrite platform but also
    custom needs of the customer.

  • Timezone Difference

    A type of product that needed a lot of
    brainstorming sessions, required time overlap.

Hidden Brains Approach

Simplify building an event management software like Eventbrite from the start, right until the end of it.

Hidden Brains Approach
  • Brainstorming

    We had uncountable brainstorming sessions with the client to understand the market and his overall plans with the platform. The result was a brief list of features he wanted on the platform as part of phase 1.

  • Analysis and Prototyping

    We used an iterative development technique by creating prototypes to enable and explore the usability and problem space of the system with the stakeholders.
    With multiple rounds of review and feedback, we finalized the prototype and moved to our development phase.

  • Development and Demonstrations

    We planned the development sprint-wise and arranged a long call with the client, where we demonstrated every single feature developed and noted all the feedback given.

  • Delivery

    After a number of demonstrations, reviews, and feedback sessions, we are very near completing phase one of the project.

Key Features

Comprehensive features in Event Management Software to easily manage all your event details - no matter what type it is!

Platform Owner

  • Centralized portal to manage all the entities
  • Approve or reject all events and offers featured on the site
  • Detailed reports to gain meaningful insights and facilitate CRM activities
  • Advanced dashboard for intelligent analytics and decision making
  • Personalized affiliate dashboards to track individual affiliate performance
  • Customizable marketing page to drive user enrollment


  • Organize public & private events of all shapes and sizes
  • Create exciting offers for customers attending an event
  • Create tickets and generate QR codes instantly for offline ticket printing and sales
  • Gate management service - assign your staff to scan tickets
  • Post amazing deals to provide exciting discounts and benefits to customers
  • Realtime tracking of finances, attendees, and relevant details


  • Fuel passion by discovering events based on own interests and preferences
  • Join an Elite club with membership and get a personalized QR code
  • Explore and add amazing deals to enjoy great benefits
  • Share interests with friends via WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media
  • Smart analytics to track spending and savings

Affilate Staff

  • Easily scan tickets and offer QR codes with one click
  • Verify members on the spot with a simple photo and ID validation
  • Easily enroll customers with simple registration
  • Offline support to continue ticket scanning even in low network areas

Results & Achievements




I love the flow of the system thus far, I can foresee
us doing great things together in the future.

Kareem Jennings Founder & CEO, Elite Conceptz & Solutionz