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Visitor Management

Comprehensive Visitor Management Platform

Hidden Brains offers Visitor Management Systems that represent all the procedures and processes an organization set up for managing visitor traffic from start to finish, as well as other elements that are related to the entire customer experience. Visitor management software effectively registers and tracks each guest entering facilities improving the efficiency, security, and personalization of a visitor management system to enhance the total visitor experience.

With visitor management solutions, you can grant rights to restricted areas of your building depending on the person's needs- be it family and friends that come over for a visit, co-workers who need guest access for important meetings, or visitors who require high-level clearance for sensitive situations. Use your own set of rules with our visitor management software solutions when deciding whether someone has guest privileges, needs to report for work, or would like access within certain areas of the premises - all without sacrificing safety and security.

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Key Features

Visitor Management System

Visitor management solutions for all your workplace visitor needs – from managing ad-hoc visitors to expected guests for a positive visitor experience and minimal disruption for employees.

  • Planned Visitors

    Our visitor management system simplifies planning and managing visitors at your company. Gather accurate data of scheduled visitors and know all details of where your visitors are going to be.

  • Ad-Hoc Visitors

    With our seamless visitor management solution, you can welcome ad-hoc visitors without interrupting company operations & without compromising security.

  • Visitor Screening

    Automate your admissions with visitor management and pre-screening systems. Touchless visitor check-in or pre-screening eliminates lines at the door and reduces wait times.

  • QR Code Scanning

    Visitors can easily scan a QR code to check-in, or create their own visitor form that's simple to fill out and quick to process. Our visitor management software solutions are easy to use.

  • Badge Printing

    A visitor badge management system includes a photo of each visitor for identification purposes. Our visitor sign-in systems ensure the safety of visitors while they are at your premises. It makes it easier for guards to identify from afar, as well as expiration dates for visitor badges.

  • Digital Document Signing

    Ensure confidentiality with digital signatures when signing NDAs, waivers or legal agreements. Digitally signing documents could be the best way to protect information from leaking out.

  • Instant Notifications

    Automated email or text notifications can be set up as soon as the visitor enters details into the visitor management software on arrival, and there is constant communication between you and your visitors.

  • 3rd Party Integration

    Complete control over who gets access to your facility through the use of an integrated visitor management system - we take care of it all for you so you can focus on running your business.

  • Visitor History

    Our visitor management software solutions aggregates data into intuitive dashboard which updates live with insights from network - it tells what’s happening now, how visitors are doing, who’s coming in next.

  • Quick Statistics

    Record statistics quickly with the visitor management software in your office. Our visitor management software helps you manage visitors and monitor statistics such as time spent at office, frequency of visit, the purpose of visit, and much more.

  • Online/Offline Data Sync

    Automatically sync your visitor data in both offline and online modes from anywhere in the world and get all information in one place for easier management.



Now there's no need to worry about losing track of all your visitors; know when and where they are with complete visibility of Multi locations/Multi-company occupancy & unlimited Visitor management and Visitor history & Dashboard Statistics.


Real-Time Data

Keep track of your visitors across different offices in multiple geographic locations and never worry about managing visitor data again with our comprehensive reports. Track all aspects of visitor data such as time spent, time of entry/exit & frequency of visits.



Complete records of all visitors are stored electronically for quick reference about who needs what type of agreement. This makes it much easier because all visitors could just sign an electronic form easily and quickly without wasting time on forms they don't need.



Track who visits your facility - where they went, time spent, and whom they interacted with. Harness real-time visitor data to identify where they go, what they do and how long they stay there; then use this information to improve conversion rates.



The visitor management system has an easy installation feature which makes it quick and simple to get up and running in no time at all across different environments, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.


Compliance &

The compliance feature in visitor management system offers an easy way to ensure that your company complies with various health and safety standards, as well as with other regulatory requirements and intellectual property rights.

Platforms & Integrations

Visitor management software solutions built with cutting-edge technology stack to ensure seamless communication and collaboration.

Visitor Management System Platform by Hidden Brains

Technology Platforms

Compatible with latest web & mobile platforms

  • Web

  • Mobile Based
    iOS / Android

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Use Cases

Visitor management system to provide your guests the best experience possible by optimizing your front desk operations.

Government Offices

Government Offices

A visitor management system for government agencies keeps track of visitors to a department. It provides information about everything from who visits and when to easily audit compliance.



Hospitals can now use visitor management systems to not only authenticate visitors but also track their whereabouts and activities within the hospital premises.

Corporate Office

Corporate Office

Streamline the process of checking in visitors with ID scanning for fast identification, pre-registering visitors before arrival, and minimizing waiting times at the front desk.


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What is a visitor management system?
Visitor management system, also known as the visitor check-in system has evolved into one of the most popular methods of making facilities/offices safer and helping to protect the people who work in them, as well as the people who visit them. It provides real-time updates on people visiting offices at any given point in time & insights to create a positive visitor experience.
Who needs a visitor management system?
If you’re asking yourself Why do I need a visitor management system? you might find it helpful to consider how much time, money and effort your business spends on prospective customers that walk in your front door but never come back. If every visitor who came into your office for an appointment followed up with an email or phone call following their visit (and did so once a month), how many more opportunities would your business have to turn visitors into new clients, sales leads or repeat customers? There are countless reasons for businesses of all sizes to install and implement a visitor management system. They range from increased sales to higher customer retention rates, improved security, and greater operational efficiency.
Why is a visitor management system used for in Office?
A visitor management system in an office environment allows you to keep track of who comes and goes through your doors. A visitor registration or visitor check-in and check-out system will ensure everyone has access to information about who’s currently in your building, how long they’ve been there, what they came for, etc. – information that can be extremely helpful if something happens while you’re away from your office or work area.
How to choose the right VMS for your organization?
A visitor management system (VMS) or visitor registration solution gives you control over your organization’s visitors, providing access to visitors that are legitimate while limiting access to those who shouldn’t be there. When choosing visitor management software solutions for your organization, look for features like guest check-in and check-out; access control; messaging options and visitor tracking capabilities.

Here are some common questions related to choosing visitor management solutions:

  • How much does it cost to install?
  • Will I need additional IT resources?
  • What sort of reporting features are available?
  • Can it integrate with other third-party systems I use (like an Intranet or building directory)? etc.
What are security & control features of visitor tracking softwares?
For starters, visitor management software solution enables you to control access to your office or building by tracking visitor IDs, recording times of entry and exit and locking/unlocking doors. In addition, most VMS systems enable users to see who’s on-site at any given time and where they are. Additionally, through mobile access apps, facility managers can keep tabs on visitors with visitor tracking softwares even if they’re off-site and unable to physically escort them around your premises.
What is mobile device support for visitor tracking softwares?
The visitor management software isn’t only for people using their computers to view your website. The visitor tracking softwares also supports mobile devices, making it easier for visitors to check out your website from their phones and tablets. While mobile use of websites may not be as popular as desktop computer use, it’s important to consider that people are still viewing your site from these devices. If you want your site to appear fully functional on all platforms, then make sure you have a visitor management solution that supports those devices.
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