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“Hidden Brains offers a dedicated team of the best PHP developers with a strong technical background and experience across multiple industry sectors.”

PHP helps businesses build web applications that are secure, fast, and performance-driven, offering numerous benefits that make sites accessible. With PHP web development services, companies can create feature-rich applications of different magnitudes and complexity, from eCommerce websites, CMS-based websites, web portals, and social networking websites.

Our team of expert PHP developers can work on your project on a full-time, part-time, or ad-hoc basis, as well as be part of your product development team.

Hidden Brains' dedicated PHP web development team shares the same vision of the project implementation roadmap, from inception to completion.


Hire PHP web developers for custom web application development in PHP frameworks and open source platforms.

Custom Module

Hire PHP programmers for custom module development to build interactive products or applications quickly.

PHP-based CMS

Hire CMS website developers specializing in both PHP and ASP.Net-based content management platforms.

PHP Extension

Hire PHP Extension developers for improved website and application performance and functionality.

PHP Site

Hire dedicated PHP developers for support and maintenance services to secure your website and ensure the high-end performance of your application.

Custom CRM, ERP &
Portal Development

Dedicated PHP engineers build CRM, ERP, and portal development using PHP to meet the rapidly changing business needs of clients.

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Hiring Models

Hire expert PHP developers for your project and stay ahead in the whole new world of innovation. Hidden Brains offers different hiring models to ensure that you get access to top notch talent to meet sudden increases in workload or bridge the skill gap.

Hidden Brains
Managed Team

Our managed team hiring model handles all your project needs along with a dedicated development team & manager. Our expert PHP coders oversee projects right from start to finish based on your needs.

Managed Team

Our PHP developers will closely work with the client's in-house team or project managers to provide crucial offshore development support, ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability.


This model merges the benefits of having both on-site and offshore PHP development teams. The benefits of both models gives complete tailored solutions to meet highly competitive business scenarios.

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Client Testimonials

Our customers reiterate the value we bring to business. Here are our client testimonials which reconfirm our commitment to excellence in service delivery.


Get all your questions answered before hiring the right resource

What are the steps to hire a PHP Developer/team?
We follow a very simple process. Initial steps involve gathering all information about the project and mapping your requirements. Once all the project details are in place, we identify top PHP developers and line up interviews. Based on your confirmation, we will set up everything and connect you with your dedicated developer.
Can I hire a PHP developer for hourly or project-based tasks?
Yes. If you know the task to be done from the developer, then you can hire a developer on an hourly or project/task basis.
How much does it cost to hire a PHP Developer?
The cost to hire a PHP Developer is determined by several factors such as type of website, the magnitude of the website and complexity of the design, number of web pages, features, and more.
Why hire dedicated PHP developers?
You should hire dedicated PHP developers to optimize the web development process and at the same time enjoy benefits like flexibility, cost-effectiveness, increased productivity, special skill sets, as well as quicker response to emergencies, etc.
Will the developer work dedicated only to me?
Yes - The developer you hire, will work full-time (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) just like all other regular employees.
How do I make payment?
We offer several convenient payment options such as Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer.
What is the reporting process of the work done?
Hidden Brains ensures that each client gets timesheet reports along with complete access to the project management tool at a frequency decided by the client before start.
How often do I get the Timesheet reports?
Standard Reporting is done on a daily and weekly basis.
Will my developer communicate in English?
Yes. Our PHP developers are proficient in English. However, in case the communication needs to be seamless, we deploy a Lead / BA level person to eliminate any gaps.
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