Cryptocurrency designed to be fun and easy to use

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The concept behind this idea was to create a blockchain wallet app development with cryptocurrency is designed to be fun and easy to use. The idea was to combine social media with a cryptocurrency wallet so users can easily support their favorite creators online by sending them a bit of crypto on the posts they like.

Print, Personalize and Scan QR Code

Additionally, the blockchain wallet app also had to have a feature where one can print out and personalize your Notes the app and give or send to people you meet. Once received, they can scan the QR code to set up the wallet app at your own convenience. This removes one of the primary concerns of trying to give someone a little bit of cryptocurrency to get people started.

blockchain wallet app development with QR code

Customer Wallet

The client wanted an integrated wallet feature where users can store their secured cryptocurrency.

blockchain wallet app development with customer wallet

Key features

  • The product should also have a web wallet that works in a similar way to many blockchain cryptocurrency wallets
  • The wallet does not store users private key, .json, and password to make security more enhanced
  • This blockchain wallet app has advanced security features with advanced hashing

Contact List

This blockchain wallet app has an integrated feature which contains multiple segments where a user can see to whom they have sent the notes and vice versa.

    Key features

  • Integrated online contact list with online follower list
  • A user can click on each contact and view their transaction history with them Every user in the contact list is
  • connected with strong nodes containing detailed history
blockchain wallet app development with contact list
QR code wallet development services

“Notable” aspect

One of the most significant aspect in this app was that it had an option to generate automatic printable ‘notes’ for its users

  • Generate printable notes with different QR codes directly from the app
  • The QR codes would embed the necessary data from within the app
  • Users can print out Notes in any denomination, set an expiration date, and add your personalized picture. You can even set a six digit PIN to give it additional security

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