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The rise of instant messaging apps are phenomenal, making chat development services very popular.

The era of digital disruption in the education industry has arrived. Hidden Brains offers the much-needed scalability to the education industry with its suite of smart learning applications for iOS and Android.

We have successfully built chat and messaging apps for Android, iOS and web. Hidden Brains offers a team of talented developers with skills to create instant messaging apps offering advanced functionalities. Our ability to build the best instant messaging app for business demonstrates our in-depth knowledge, ability to implement features & functionalities and more.

Offering a track record of deploying multiple instant messaging, business networking and social networking apps for clients in diverse industries, Hidden Brains can build instant messaging app similar to Whatsapp for Android, iPhone and Web with advance functionalities exactly based on your requirements. At the crux, though, our messaging apps are mainly about connecting people and facilitating private conversations.

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Features of Instant
Messaging App

Instant & Group Chats

Get personalized chat experience by connecting with your near and dear ones. Send and receive texts, videos, and images. With the group chat option, users can chat with multiple people at same time.

  • End-to-end encryption: Ensures that data exchanged between users is completely secure, ensuring complete confidentiality.
  • Chat technology: Cutting-edge technologies such as WebRTC, NodeJS, Socket.IO to provide a seamless real-time messaging experience.
Hidden Brains

Document & Multimedia Sharing

Share the most beautiful moments clicked and the most valuable memories to be cherished with loved ones. Innovative features aimed at easily sharing images and audio/videos, as well as instant pictures.

  • Image & Audio: Audios, images and video files sharing with friends and family with the option to record and send audio files, music files with this app.
  • Location Sharing: With this feature in instant messaging app, share your exact location with others.
  • Documents Sharing: Securely exchange files on both group and individual chats in all document formats such as PPT, PDF, XLS, DOC, etc.
  • Voice Record: Enrich user’s chat experience with the feature to record and send unlimited voice recordings to the contacts.
  • Default Sharing: Set the default sharing option in the gallery to let users share images, videos, and audio files from gallery to contacts quickly and conveniently.
Hidden Brains

Audio/Video Calls

Chat with people across different locations for unified experience for free, as the chat app uses the phone's Internet connection, instead of your cell plan's voice minute.

  • Audio Calls: Now use the mobile data and WiFi connection to make audio calls to people across the country, saving money.
  • Video Calls: Make use of high-quality video calls featured in messaging app to eliminate geographical barriers between your dear ones, friends, and family.
  • Switch Cam / Mute Audio: Switch cameras in between the calls to show what's in front of you as well as mute the audio.
  • Calls Tech:Latest technology using Node JS and WebRTC to allow users to connect with others by making audio/video calls in the app.
Hidden Brains


With this feature, users can set the conversation alert, message notifications and group notifications hassle-free.

  • Group notification: Users will be notified regularly with the group message which is a great option for them to keep in touch with friends and family as a group.
  • Tab Notification: Messages which are recently received and haven’t opened will be intimated at the header of the tab.
  • Push Notification: Get instant push notification informing users about important happenings alerting the users about group chats and individual chats.
  • Unread Count Notification: Keep a count of the number of unread messages in the chats. Instant Messaging app offers an unread count notifications option.
Hidden Brains

Privacy Settings

Users can control several settings to ensure privacy such as profile picture, status, last seen , as well as tweak them to certain contacts as per their discretion.

  • Last Seen: Hide Last seen if needed, as well as control the visibility options to be seen by Contacts, Everyone or Nobody as required.
  • Profile Pic: Set Profile pictures and turn off/on to be seen by Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.
  • About: About the section in the instant messaging mobile app requires to be added in the initial setup process and it can be turned off/on to be seen by Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.
  • Chat Block: Option to block chat or receiving messages continuously from unknown or unwanted people whenever required.
Hidden Brains

Account Settings

With our high-end messaging app development services, seamless connectivity is promised to the clients. We too customize clients’ needs if they require.

  • Change Number: The phone number is a major source to chat within the instant messaging app. If you lost your number and you wish to change it you may do it in the Change number section.
  • Delete Account: Do you want to delete your current account and create a new one? In this app, you can remove your account in the Delete account section.
Hidden Brains

Other Settings

Get several other features and setting options to ensure privacy and security, as well as smooth user experience.

  • Set Profile Picture: Users can add and edit profile photos and set any picture of choice like beautiful scenery or family pic as profile photo.
  • About: Everyone needs an introduction about a person to have a smooth conversation.
  • Invite Friends: Invite friends to join messaging apps and send an invitation to friends and contacts via this feature to install the app on devices.
  • Forward message: Simply forward interesting messages or images to your near and dear ones using this option.
  • Sync Contacts: Option to sync contacts automatically into the application without any hassles.
  • Favorite chat: Mark any contact as favorite and so you can start to chat with them quickly.
Hidden Brains

Admin Panel

Admin panel allows users to seamlessly add, edit, monitor and manage vital information.

  • Dashboard: Owners can monitor and manage user profiles, groups, and all other details.
  • App Update: App updates in the admin panel includes a Normal update and immediate update.
  • Insights: View and monitor all the details such as user in app, active users, as well as manage user profiles efficaciously
Hidden Brains

Technologies We Use

Our solution is integrated with cutting-edge technology making users’ chatting experience like never before.


Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

How soon can I expect my Instant messaging app to be developed?

Our instant messaging app is a whitelabel solution offering quick time to market. However, we can discuss your requirements to give you an exact timeline.

How much will it cost to build instant messaging apps for business?

There are several factors that will directly impact the cost such as any advanced features needed. We can discuss your requirements to give you an exact estimate.

What are the languages used for instant chat app?

We used Swift V4 for iOS and Kotlin for Android

Is this app in Native platform?

Yes, this app is in Native Platform.

Where are the images, videos, and audios stored?

Media files will be stored in the server.

Why should I trust your company to build instant messaging app?

Hidden Brains is a leading enterprise mobile application development company with more than 16 years' experience. We work with clients closely right from the initial planning stage till the completion of the app. We have built beautiful, user friendly and intuitive mobile applications that match the clients’ requirements and budget using the latest tools and technologies and deliver exceptional apps.


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