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Media & Entertainment Software Solutions

Web, mobile and software applications involving live streaming, for efficient multimedia content distribution.

Music Streaming Application

Music and Video Streaming apps for quick access to Artists, Music Tracks, Podcasts, Albums based on your preferences.


Save and download favourite tracks to "My List".


Option to organize the music by different category mood and genre.


Get personalized recommendations based on preferences, as well as follow friend & Check Track list

Offline Access

Option to view or listen to favourite Tracks offline.


Get Access to apps without ads.

Social Media Sharing

Share Tracks through Social Media.

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Video Streaming App - Similar to Netflix

Build video streaming apps similar to Netflix to view live video streaming from the comfort of your home.

Personalize Watchlist

Set preferences to get personalized recommendations for watchlist.


Feature to download video for Offline viewing.


Flexible Subscriptions with In-App Purchases.

Multiple Profiles

Provides customized recommendations to multiple profiles.

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Social Networking Platform

Social networking platform app development to ensure seamless connectivity with friends and family across the globe.

User Login

Secure login to check latest News Feed, comment, Express emotions on post with Custom emojis.


Share updates along with Check-in options.


Create both Open and Closed Groups for increased engagement.

Dynamic Filters

Add filters while Posting Photos and video for heightened creativity.


Add Friends & Followers to your network.


Get Instant Messaging and Push Notifications.

Live Streaming

Broadcast live videos to friends.


Set Account Privacy & Security Settings.


Networking for business with Analytics, Lead generation and Marketing.

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News Portal

Dynamic News Article and Feeds to get latest news stories, top headlines and excerpts of the day in different format such as Articles, Videos, Image Gallery Polls, Infographic.

Magazine Subscription

Get membership and read premium content online.

Live Blogs

Option to blog and participate in Open Discussion Forums.


Complete control of Advertisement and its Spaces Management for improved bottom-line results.

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Dating Applications

Dating apps development with features such as virtual dates, video-based features, making it simpler to meet more people.

User Profile

Create free or premium account subscription to get preferences and choices for Profile Matches.

Instant Connect

Swipe User profile to express like & Instant Messaging.

Track Stats

Get Profile stats such as total visits & Likes.

Anti-fraud Screening

Option to verify profile based on several parameters.

Digital Gift

Express gratitude and like digitally with Greeting cards, Stickers, and Vouchers.

Profile Security & Privacy Settings

Robust security settings to ensure information stays safe.

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Party Booking Application

Online party booking applications & software allowing users to book parties and events.


Private and public parties with real time ticket booking.

Live Party Streaming

Option to live stream party, as well as multimedia sharing for increased engagement.


Secure entry with Ticket Scanning.


Send Party Invitations through Multiple Mediums.

Venue & Guests Management

Complete management of venue and guests.

Real-Time Poll

Option to participate in polls for the Audience during party.

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How Media & Entertainment IT Solutions are changing the industry?
The future of the mobile entertainment industry is a bright one. Mobile devices have transformed the media and entertainment industry, becoming the gateway to all forms of content, whether it be visual, audio, or interactive. Media & Entertainment IT Solutions have also become more than just passive screens; they'll become more like consoles where you can play games or stream media. As the trend towards mobility continues, so too does the demand for high-quality content that can be accessed on any device.
What are some of the most popular media and entertainment solutions?
The media and entertainment industry is constantly evolving. With the rise of digitization, streaming, social media, etc., this industry has seen more changes in the past ten years than it has in decades. Here are top media and entertainment technology solutions.
  • Music Streaming Application
  • Video Streaming App - Similar to Netflix
  • Social Networking Platform
  • News Portal
  • Party Booking Application
Should I invest in Video Streaming App Development?
Delivering the virtual experience of events in real time is more important now than it has ever been. It is important to build live streaming capabilities for programs, events, meetings, auctions, and so on with interactive options like polls and chat rooms that increase engagement levels and keep people coming back for more.
What are the benefits of media and entertainment technology solutions?
Media and entertainment technology solutions offer a variety of benefits. From increasing productivity to improving customer satisfaction, media and entertainment technology solutions provide tangible value.
How much does it cost to build media and entertainment technology solutions?
The cost of building media and entertainment technology solutions varies depending on the nature of the project, the level of sophistication, and the functionalities involved. Building larger installations with more screens can increase costs exponentially. If you are looking , discuss with our team of experts
Why should I choose Hidden Brains for media and entertainment technology solutions?
Hidden Brains is a leading enterprise software & IT consulting company with 20+ years’ experience in providing innovative technology solutions. Our team comprises an expert development team with a proven track record of delivering media and entertainment IT solutions of varying complexities and magnitude.
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