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Transforming the traditional trading concepts for used items.individual trading has been booming nowadays
and so, a need of security arise..!

About Project



Targeted Audience

Item Traders,
Individuals looking to buy or sell used items


E-commerce, Items Trading

Qvitto is a secure platform for buying and selling used items. It eliminates the risk of fraud by providing an easy way for individuals to create authenticated contracts for their transactions. With Qvitto, it's simple for anyone to add details about an item and establish a legally binding agreement between buyer and seller, reducing the possibility of disputes.

With plenty of classified applications in market, this new trend has been set for buying and selling of Used items. Lack of authenticated contracts for such trading usually leads to major frauds. Qvitto comes with easy, secured way for individuals to set the contracted deals.
Simple for anyone to add Item details and get it contracted between buyer and seller to mitigate the disputes.

Business Problem

The Qvitto team identified a gap in the used item trading market in Denmark, where legal contracting was a missing element. Through social media surveys, the marketing team identified that this was a major concern among local buyers and sellers of used items. In light of this business opportunity, the Qvitto team approached Hidden Brains with their base plan for an app, aimed at filling this gap and providing a solution that would help to take the market to the next level by helping traders establish legally binding agreements.

Project Challenges
  • Designing a clean and simple User Interface and User Experience
  • Implementing digital authentication for legally binding contracts
  • Incorporating changing ideas and feedback from the client team
  • Challenges in locating and involving necessary stakeholders
  • Reliance on third-party resources and vendors
  • Developing a solution in the form of an app that can establish legally binding agreements

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HB Solution
Adding Simplicity, Helps User
to achieve their Goal

Hidden Brains company focuses on creating an easy and simple user experience for clients by using a consultative approach. The design experts work closely with clients to understand their goals for the application and create a clear theme and design. To ensure simplicity, the team undergoes multiple A/B tests and keeps user experience a priority, implementing dark and light design modes.

In order to maintain the brand guidelines, the team scrutinized the brand guidelines provided by the client, used it as the basis for the app concept, which gave them a clearly defined color palette. By combining colors from the brand book, they created a palette of primary, secondary, and auxiliary colors to reflect the brand identity on the app.

Digital Authentication NemID

Hidden Brains added Secure and Prompt instant verification feature through integrated authenticated third party to establish legally binding contracts for local public in Denmark during trading.

Encryption of Sensitive Data

The application uses encryption to secure user data such as passwords, personal information, and payment information.

Agility in Project Execution

Agile approach adopted to accommodate constant changes in client
requirements and encourages clients to share their ideas,
with the Hidden Brains team adapting and planning accordingly.

Application Features
  • Registration & Account Verification

    Register with authenticated NemID and make
    account secure with passcode

  • Add new Qvitto

    Choose Category, Add Item Details, Price and
    Conditions of the Item to generate a Qvitto

  • Send Qvitto to Buyer

    Search from contacts, send Qvitto request to
    Buyer for the approval

  • Confirm Qvitto

    Confirm Qvitto to generate the final receipt
    for the payment and send back to Seller

  • Direct Payment between Buyer & Seller

    A seller easily can receive payment for the Qvitto bill amount through the Application,
    as buyers can pay directly online within the Application.

  • Track Receipts

    Refer final Item receipt of the trading in
    'My Qvitto'.

  • 15+Categories
  • 2000+Qvittos Generated
  • 5000+Ordered Items

Qvitto has a wide range of categories and a rapidly
growing user base, making it a preferred choice for
buying and selling used items with legal contracting.

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Technology Information

Programing LanguageKotlin

ToolsetAndroid Studio


Programing LanguageSwift 5.0

ArchitectureMVVM with RxJava

TechnologiesFirebase Analytics, Crashlytics


Web serviceREST API

3rd Party Integrations

MiA Payment integration

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