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  • Platform

    LAMP, Android, iOS, Amazon Cloud
  • Industry

  • Region

    Canada, US
  • Integrations

    Google Firebase, Stripe



Ask and ye shall receive An e-commerce platform with a twist. Instead of a standard catalogue of pre-defined products, the platform empowers users to define what they want and connects them with sellers with matching products. Simple, hassle-free system with no payment fee.

Sign up as a buyer to find that item or sign up as a seller to connect with buyers instantly to start earning.

Key Features

  • Live Feed for
    business user
  • Referral
  • Multiple payment options
  • Advanced search with multi-lingual capability
  • SSO (Single Sign On) implementation
  • Touch of social network

Business Problem

  • Most e-commerce websites are controlled by sellers. Sellers post their catalogue of items and consumers have to pick from what's available. Sometimes, consumers can end up browsing through hundreds of products across various websites and still can't find that one item.

  • Based on the above problem, the client approached us with the proposal for Whosellzit. An e-commerce platform built to fit the consumer need.

Hidden Brains Solution

  • As tech creators, the leadership at HB often looks for projects that challenge the status norm and disrupt the market. The idea of an invented marketplace was welcomed with open arms.

  • We partnered with the stakeholders of the product in an open forum to encourage and facilitate collaborative thinking.

  • The solution: A hybrid front end platform to allow buyers and sellers to operate with a single login from the same portal for a more seamless experience and a dynamic backend portal for the client to manage everything.

The Snapshots

Key Challenges

  • Communicating with and managing expectations of, the various stakeholders

  • Incorporating design changes with constantly shifting feedback from stakeholders

  • Handling the complex cases arising due to the merging of multiple user roles

  • Managing the referral program for buyers and sellers separately despite single login

  • Integration and sync expectations with multiple platforms

Key Results

  • Despite significant design rework, MVP was launched within the stated timeline

  • Centralized management of data spread across multiple platforms

  • Seamless user experience for the customers

  • Hi-Five from the client in the form of a nice video testimonial for the team

Why Hidden Brains

  • Over 100+ successfully delivered solutions in
    the e-Commerce domain

  • Established relationship with one of the stakeholders of the product

  • Collaborative and consultative approach during the discovery phase

  • Trustworthy & high-quality service and on time delivery within the budget

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