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Smart Estate

Improve Security Standards & Digitize Your Gated Community

Our Gated Community Security System & Community Digitalization solution supports multiple property types residential properties and/or community associations. Aimed at creating a safe environment, Hidden Brains gated community access control system affords anyone in the facility or estate a sense of security. Users mainly owners/tenants can raise and track complaints, admins can conduct meetings, as well as prioritize issues related to maintenance.

Our gated community access software envisions that every person, package or vehicle entering an estate is authorized by an owner or resident. This gate control system is a framework to deliver a great experience, reducing gate congestion by streamlining visitor & staff management. It will be able to allow or deny visitors entry into a society/apartment complex.

Key Features of

Our Gated Community Access Control Software

Gated community access control software development solution to solve challenges and keep residents and visitors safe with power-packed full-feature suite from the first touchpoint to the very end.

  • Visitor Management

    Best solution to reduce gate congestion and improve safety with verification and QR-based entry. Owner can get notifications for visitors and approve/reject visitors' requests.

  • Daily staff management

    Verified operative staff for estate, maintain In/Out Entry for staff, as well as manage general service providers like electrician, plumber and register in system.

  • Child Security

    Robust system to manage records for children's out/in entry. Parents get notification on an attempt to exit the premises. Security guards can send requests to parents for approval.

  • SOS Panic Alarm

    Single click and easy to operate SOS/Panic Alarm functionality to send quick alerts/notifications to security guards, neighbors and close family members during emergency situations.

  • Vehicle Management

    Effectively manage entry and exit of vehicles allowing security guards to verify member vehicles through application, as well as clicking pictures of guest vehicles to manage entry.

Community Digitalization

Digitalization of your gated community/society allowing quick information sharing & society data management as well as community collaboration.

  • Complaint Management

    Members can raise complaints about any damages/service request related to property. Admin can see requests, take necessary actions, as well as track progress on request.

  • Polls & Announcements

    Admin can create polls for estate members to get votes or opinions for crucial decision making. Get votes live or after the voting process is over. Members get notification for poll creation.

  • Helpdesk & Ticket

    Streamlines ticket management to prioritize, assign & resolve pending issues related to the facility, ensuring transparent resolution as well as improving staff accountability.

  • Announcements

    Broadcast important messages/notifications along with description based on categories such as specific group, committee members, all members, owners or tenant only for communication.

  • Consolidated Reports

    Get access to consolidated reports about members like owner/tenant detail, total vehicles, as well as get block/zone wise information Visitors, Meeting & Complaint Report.

  • Create Meetings

    Facilitate meetings for Group, Committee Members, Block / Zone User along with description / agenda / attachment, as well as automatically send Notification to members.



Get enhanced security with communication between residents and security personnel at the main gate. Improved security measures by notifying guards about expected visitors or gaining the permission of an owner when someone comes unannounced.


Hassle free

Community Management System to approve entry of visitors, staff, housekeeping staff, and validate the arrival of maids & other staff. Gate Management System lets security to seek permission of parents for child's exit from premises.


Ease of

Futuristic technology-based security & community management system eliminating the conventional methods of intercom and paper-based register, making it easy for owners to participate in the process of approving visitors at a single click.



Get different levels of escalation across various levels ranging from Helpdesk User to Manager to Admin based on type of complaint and duration. Option to configure the levels as well as the duration.


Ease of

Seamless communication between different groups in societies such as owners, tenants, security personal, facility management to ensure information. Security & community management system to stay connected with different events in the estate.


Real time

Real-time information about visitors with QR-code based entry. Visitor Management System allows planning of visit; minimize wait times at security gate. Allows residents to monitor visit status and pre-define access rights to increase security.


Information on

Simplifying life for residents, management committee members, security guards and housekeeping staff with a host of features to resolve issues related to raising a ticket to the facility manager, restricting entry of unauthorized visitors and more with just a click.


Unified system for
multi property owner

Single dashboard to seamlessly manage multiple properties from a single dashboard. With smart estate solutions, owners can access, view and manage visitor information of multiple locations from a centralised location.

Security Matters




    Household Staff


    Vehicles In/Out




    Child Security


    Service Providers

Community Digitalization




    Amenities & Booking




    On Premises Staff


    Block & Units


    Service Providers






    Rule Book






    Poll / Suggestion


    Household Staff

Platforms: Gated Community Access Control App

Scalable and flexible gated community access control development solution on cutting-edge technology stack.

Gated Community Access Control App Solution

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What is Smart Estate: Gated Community Access Control Solution?
Smart estate is a visitor and society management solution to effectively manage all aspects of your residential complex, be it Apartment Complexes, Private Layouts, Row houses, Villas or even a Colony.
How do I get started with smart estate for my society/complex?
It’s simple to submit your request. Upon receiving your request, the customer service team will reach out to you to set up your complex's private, secure portal.
How can different groups of society use smart estate software?
Smart estate contains several Administration tools/features that helps security personnel, association, owners and management committees to ensure smooth functioning of the complex and control matters related to security, visitor management, troubleshooting.
Will our personal data be secure on smart estate?
We use industry-best safety protocols to preserve the integrity and security information shared against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, or reproduction.
Our staff is not comfortable with technology, can they use smart estate?
Yes. Smart estate is simple to use with an intuitive user interface. It will not be difficult, and our team can help understand how to use it.
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