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Automated Time and Attendance System for Business Development

Automated Time and Attendance System for Business

Hidden Brains offers time and attendance software that allows managers to track employees and their working hours across different office locations.

This application tracks attendance patterns and makes it easy for the management to get automated timesheets and work distribution across different shifts, different locations and different offices.

The application can cover all aspects of time tracking such as clock in/out, breaks, and activity tracking. It also offers a suite of sophisticated features such as facial recognition and accessibility through a browser, regardless of the device’s operating system, Geotagging attendance as well as RFID & QR Code integration.

Time and attendance system application aims to automate the process of time management, with attendance in and out entries of employees from multiple offices/work from home locations, as well as visitor management systems. It provides the facility to export the reports in XLS / PDF format for seamless connection with different HRMS or other systems for reporting & payroll purposes.

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Features of Automated
Time and Attendance software

Hierarchy-based Approval

Multi-level or hierarchy-based approval/reporting process for employees, allowing managers responsible for the timesheet review , reporting and management.

  • Define Hierarchy: Complete flexibility to customize organizational hierarchy, define multi-level approval workflows that align with business services.
  • Involve different Stakeholders: Include reporting managers and other stakeholders to ensure the right people always review and approve productivity hours and attendance.
Hierarchy-based Approval

Consolidated Reports for Multiple locations

Get consolidated information for all records and information across different locations with multiple entry and exit points in a dashboard. Seamless data access across multiple offices with support to different admins with access control, providing insightful and actionable information.

  • Employee Distribution: Our software connects different locations across the world and links it with employees, eliminating the need of merging reports from different locations. This gives complete visibility of checking all location updates at a glance.
  • Multiple Admins: System supports multiple admins with access control over vertical and horizontal hierarchy, making it easier for management to have smart and key reports on all activities.
  • Easy data access: Each and every data is stored and accessed securely over the cloud. This offers the least downtime and is ready to set up anytime.
Consolidated Reports for Multiple locations

Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Our time and attendance software aims to simplify time tracking of employees to get information on who’s in the office, who’s on break and who's running late.

  • Employee Attendance Management: Our software connects different locations across the world and links it with employees, eliminating the need of merging reports from different locations. This gives complete visibility of checking all location updates at a glance.
  • Custom Holidays: Working under multiple locations across the world comes up with different public holidays. With time and attendance online web based system, you can set holidays and choose locations that observe these holidays. This automatically applies to the employees based on their reporting location.
  • Shift Management: Managing employees working under different shifts is just one click setup away. You can even customize the shift for specific days in a month and can even override shifts for a specific employee for specific days.
  • Official Trip and Out of Office Work: The system records automatic presences for work out of the office based on approval of the reporting Manager. The system also reports employees going out of the office for a while for an official visit, and includes it in working hours.
  • Email notifications: Customised email notifications sent to the reporting manager when an employee enters, exits or is absent from work.
Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Visitor Management

Not just employees, the system also tracks visitors to the office. With smart instant visitor passes, it is easy to identify who has authorized visitors and who does not.

  • Schedule Visits: Moreover, visitors can be scheduled for pre-passes or can be entered on the go when they arrive. Admin can track multiple visits of the visitor with quick stats.
Visitor Management

Enterprise-Level Reports

Time tracking tool provides not just timesheets, but also gives real-time reports on the productivity of employees across different locations or office branches.

  • Detailed Report of Workforce: Get detailed reports that will give you attendance summaries of workforce by day or by hour. See reports for individual employees or entire departments. Report for custom date ranges, late coming, employee productivity.
  • Exports: Each and every report can be easily exported in CSV format providing seamless integration with other systems like HRMS, or can be used for reporting purposes.
  • Imports: Moving from another system is as easy as it seems. All it requires is to import the employee data and right after that, the system is ready to be used and migrated from the older system.
  • Automated Timesheets: When the system gives you a real-time report on employee's productivity, exact working hours of every employee where the system automatically excludes lunch and other break details, there is no need asking employees to fill their timesheets.
Enterprise-Level Reports

Intelligent Dashboards

  • Intelligent Dashboard: A smart dashboard that offers all the required information under one page, take it as an employee or visitor or who is not yet in office, everything that management needs to know.
  • Historic Data: Track leaves, offs or vacation of all employees across different departments, locations and countries.
Intelligent Dashboards

Geo-Tagged Attendance

Geo tagging feature links location of employees with time and attendance tracking, creating virtual boundaries

  • Restrict Staff to Locations: Geo-tagging allows a geographic location so that field workers or employees in different offices can log in as soon as they arrive and log out as soon as they leave in the specified location only.
  • Maximize Productivity: Track the time and location of employees logging in and out, ensuring maximum productivity. Ideal for organizations that require employee location tracking for work hours, ensure accurate working hours for remote employees or workers.
  • Real-time Visibility of Staff: Provides a reporting manager the real-time information about their mobile workforce, especially field sales team, remote workers or service agents.
Geo-Tagged Attendance

Face Recognition

Biometric attendance requires a fingerprint or facial scan for an employee to clock in or out or web clocks that snap a photo each time someone clocks in or out.

  • Reduces Fraud & Buddy Punching: Facial recognition reduces time fraud and buddy punching by verifying who's clocking when they do with biometrics and activity logs.
  • Increased Accuracy: Guarantee time punch accuracy with biometric (fingerprint) time clocks and activity audit logs.
Face Recognition

RFID & QR Code Integration

The software supports RFID tag and external RFID scanner with barcode and QR-code scanning. It’s fast, easy and secure. Time and attendance system marks attendance and opens the door when a user scans the QR Code by mobile phone camera in a mobile app.

RFID & QR Code Integration

Works both online and offline

Time and management software works seamlessly across devices without Internet connection. Get reports from biometric systems of machines in offline mode without Internet connectivity.

Works both online and offline

Technologies We Use

Reimagine your Time & Attendance software with progressive technology stack


Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

What shall be my subscription cost for 2000 Employees?

Please fill out the inquiry form with your requirements and we shall quote the best price that fits your organization structure.

How long it will take to set up and personalize the system for me?
Our time and attendance software is a white-label solution that is ready to use with a quick setup.
Where are the punch images stored?
All punch images are stored in a secure Amazon S3 Bucket.
Once I set the system, can I set up by myself?
Once you get the time and attendance system, it is very quick and easy to set up by yourself. However, we will be happy to assist you with any support required for your setup.
Can the device perform facial recognition even in offline mode?
Yes, time and attendance software are powered with cutting-edge technology and native machine learning libraries to support face recognition even in offline mode.

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