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DNA-based Workout and Diet App Development

The client wanted us to create an diet and workout plan app which packs state-of-the-art technology to deliver bespoke nutritional based plans and provides dietary assistance. The company, Faacto, puts to use modern and hyper-advanced technology in order to provide clinically and biologically efficient fitness programs. The idea behind this startup was to design fitness routines and diet plans for users which are derived from their genetic structure. They analyze users’ DNA and study their lifestyle to craft accurate fitness and nutrition plans.

diet and workout plan app development

Walk steps and earn Faacto points

Client wanted a feature where the workout and diet app should be able to record a user’s number of steps taken per day. Based on the number of steps, the dna diet app would then allocate Faacto coins to that user.

Key Features

  • Track users’ steps through Gyroscope and GPS
  • Calculate the number of steps taken per day
  • Assign points based on the number of steps traveled
workout and diet app development
workout and nutrition app development

Check Daily Tasks

This is an integrated dashboard view that aggregates all the information from the across the app and shows it to the user in a neat and concise manner.

Key Features

  • Graphical representation of user’s everyday activity
  • Users can track their data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • The dashboard displays their current rank and status compared to their peers

Redeem Faacto Coins

The client also wanted to integrate a marketplace where users can directly surf from within the app and redeem those coins they have earned to buy items of their choice.

Key Features

  • Marketplace integration directly from the app
  • Display redeemable items according to users’ coins and points
  • Integrate a rule and regulations page that clearly defines their policy to redeem the items
dna diet app development

Workout Playlists

An workout playlists app feature that gives users access to tons of workout videos and images. This page displays videos sorted according to human body parts and has seamless ease of functionality

Key Features

  • HQ videos embedded right into the app and responsive across all devices
  • Videos and images indexed according to human body parts
  • Compressed and cleaned videos so that users with low RAM can also experience smooth transition

Highlighted Features

  • DNA Diet Plan App
    DNA Diet Plan Mobile App Development

    DNA Diet Plan

    Faacto experts narrow down specific nutrients using your DNA that amplify your growth by at least 30%

  • DNA Workout Plan App
    DNA Workout Plan Mobile App Development

    DNA Workout Plan

    Take your fitness game to a whole new level with a workout plan designed to compliment your genetic makeup.

  • Workout Plan App
    Workout Plan Mobile App Development

    Ask Forum

    Connect with highly qualified industry experts and find answers to all your queries & concerns within 24 hours.

  • Children Workout Plan App
    Children Workout Plan App Development

    Children Plans

    Faacto makes sure that your little one stays in shape at all times and is ready for the upcoming challenges of life.

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