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Streamlining Logistics
with Real-Time Tracking

A predictive, consistent, effective, innovative and
future-ready shipping & logistics solution that
helped cut transportation costs, and gain visibility &
transparency into complex supply chain process.


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    PropDispatch, LLC

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PropDispatch LLC is provider of last mile proppant management software service based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. PropDispatch solution is the last mile proppant management software of choice by three of the largest oilfield service companies in the US. It provides solutions to automate the process of ordering, dispatching, hauling, tracking, reconciling and invoicing proppant.

It provides solutions to automate the process of ordering, dispatching, hauling, tracking, reconciling and invoicing proppant.


Business Goal

A common platform to be built across proppant supply-chain to open up common communication channel and real-time streaming data, so oilfield service companies, sand suppliers, logistics service providers, terminals, carriers and drivers all benefit from the network effect.

Pain Areas

  • No ready solution in market specifically for Proppant management
  • No common platform for multiple stakeholders across proppant supply-chain
  • Lack of automation
  • Unavailability of real-time visibility
  • Lack of internet/network on field
  • No central dashboard/ reporting for decision making

I want to ensure that we build the next-gen SaaS based platform for proppant logistics management resulting in
100% client satisfaction

Dom Pere

Co-founder & CEO, PropDispatch LLC


Hidden Brains Approach

Involvement of target audience from different verticals like oilfield service companies, sand
suppliers, terminals, logistics providers, drivers resulted in selecting Discovery & Analysis
phase, followed by Agile scrum for execution of the product development.
Following steps were taken for execution

  • 1Vision

    Identify & understand the vision, objectives and goals, and define the starting point. This was done through multiple brainstorming meetings with key stakeholders of PropDispatch team.

  • 2Understanding the 'Why' part

    Understand the purpose of each applications & modules. Primary & Secondary Stakeholders Identification. Understand how different stakeholders will benefit from each of the applications. Identify the business goals of the platform.

  • 3Defining the 'What' part

    Identify and prepare workflows, conduct in-depth analysis of the workflow and business model, review existing documents/processes, perform gap analysis, and conduct competitor analysis to understand industry standards.

  • 4Defining the "How" part

    User journeys created to define how the users will interact with platform. Wireframes & prototypes created to convert the user journey into user experience on the platform.

  • 5Deriving the "When" part

    Identification and selection of the priority features based on the business goals. Preparation of the product roadmap considering priority feature releases.

  • 6Execution/Development

    Whole product development was divided into monthly sprints and execution using Agile scrum methodology. Incremental releases helped the business take stakeholders and target audience input that resulted in a solution that complement the business.


Hidden Brains

The PropDispatch proppant management and logistics platform provides real-time visibility, automation and data acquisition. The web-based and mobile-app software increases operational efficiencies in many ways through its features

  • Ordering Process
  • Scheduling Feature
  • Entry & Exit Automation
  • Dispatching Process
  • OCR Feature
  • Job Scheduling & Dashboard
  • Hauling Process
  • e-BOL Generation
  • Jobs & Loaders Priority Management
  • Carrier & Sub-Carrier Management
  • Reconciling Process
  • Alerts, Notifications and Alarms
  • Real-Time Tracking through Maps
  • Terminal Automation System
  • Real-Time Visibility through Dashboard & KPIs
  • Route Guidance for Drivers
  • Demurrage, Rates Calculations & Invoicing
  • Offline Feature
  • Map Dispatch Process


  • 100%

    client retention

    (clients who use PropDispatch)
  • 25%

    cost reduction in
    PropDispatch landing cost

  • 0

    Downtime with offline

  • 40%

    reduction in load
    cycle time

Technical Information


Thank you Hidden Brains Team. With successful implementation, the future of PropDispatch is coming soon. With a more robust back-end system, users will have access to new features and scalability across all vendors and user groups.

Sayyu Dantata | Founder & GCEO, MRS Holdings Ltd.

Dom Pere
Co-founder & CEO, PropDispatch LLC

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