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Technology Alliances to Generate Sustainable Business Value

Our alliances provide access to a wealth of diverse tools and resources to develop high-quality solutions that align with client needs, ultimately resulting in business success.

Technology Alliances Microsoft

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Hidden Brains has a proven track record of success in building enterprise solutions using Microsoft technologies. Hidden Brains can leverage the latest Microsoft development tools and frameworks, as well as access Microsoft's latest resources, right from documentation to new development techniques.

Technology Alliances iOS

Hidden Brains is a member of the iOS development program with access to integrated hardware, software, testing tools, and capabilities to create intuitive, multi-faceted applications that provide engaging experiences. The membership also allows the integration of beta software, app services, testing tools, and app analytics.

Technology Alliances Android

Hidden Brains is an Android developer program member with access to the latest developer tools such as Android Studio, Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and Android SDK to create top-quality and performance-driven apps for Android users across the globe. This alliance allows the Hidden Brains team to create beautiful, responsive apps for all kinds of devices.

Technology Alliances Shopify Partner

Hidden Brains is a Shopify Partner, and we offer a variety of services to assist clients in developing, launching, and expanding their online stores. We have access to cutting-edge tools and technology, which empower us to build custom Shopify stores that help our clients distinguish themselves from competitors and enhance online presence to improve ROI.

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