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  • Built for
  • Technologies MEAN Stack, Angular, Node.js,
    MongoDB for API
  • Industry Health & Medical
  • Country India

Clinic Communication System

Robust application to allow seamless communication between staff and patients to improve productivity for better focus on patient care and secure communications.

Collaboration Solutions

Help communicate with patients to streamline communications, shift management and more in order to build an effective ecosystem.

  • Streamline communication between staff and team inside the hospital.
  • Clinic admin can register in the app to manage staff and patients.
  • Add staff based on the subscription purchased.
  • Signup clinic admin has to set clinic timings so that patients can contact staff for chat.
Clinic Communication System

Shift Management

Effective shift management to ensure that booking of doctor’s time slots based on availability. Improve wait times, eliminate no-shows, optimize resources with full visibility into your workflows.

  • Clinic admin adds doctor and shift time availability.
  • Doctors can log in and chat with patients.
  • Patients can book appointments based on doctor's availability.
Clinic Shift Management System

Messaging & Communication

Communication tool that lets hospital teams’ access and exchange information securely. Clinic staff members can conduct secure consultations internally and with patients.

Clinic Messaging & Communication System
  • Facilitate easy staff communication.
  • Clinic staff can login and chat with patients.
  • Patients can chat with available online staff.
  • Clinic staff can chat internally.

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