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Comprehensive Parking App for the Ruhr region in Germany

Our client wanted us to develop a parking app exclusively for the Ruhr region, the fifth largest metropolitan area in Europe and the largest in the Federal Republic of Germany. This iPhone app will provide users real-time information about nearest parking lots, availability and cost.

  • Built for
  • TechnologiesiOS | Android
  • IndustryLifestyle
  • CountryGermany

Key Features

  • Live data of the parking space in real time
  • Set limit search parameter and parking space preferences
  • Save and access details such as Indoor, outdoor parking
  • Location, and timings for next use
  • Voice-activated navigation
  • Take photos and store in the app with notes
  • Languages supported English and German

The iOS navigational app helps stressed out driver find parking space and eliminates all the hassles of finding a parking space. Parken im Pott app lets users’ view navigational mapping of parking space and get direction to reach the parking lot from the current location.

The core focus of app is simplicity. With this iOS app, user can access real-time information about nearest parking lots and save parking details such location and timings for future reference.

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