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Communication strategy is forming the cornerstone of success in project management. Hidden Brains offers an intuitive & customizable project management tool development to plan, execute, control, and achieve goals in the project execution.

When projects involving multiple team members are underway, keeping the moving parts connected can be the biggest challenge.

That’s when our project management and communication tool helps connect multi departments, and make it easier to work across distributed teams. Our online project management tool assists employees to easily manage multiple ongoing projects, track past projects data, accelerate work, and help in communication between team members.

Hidden Brains developed enterprise project management software tools with the aim to create transparency between the internal project team and the external team during the time of project development and to overcome the difficulties of project-related communication. This web-based project management software includes processes such as Task creation & allocation, Work distribution, Feedback collection, Project monitoring, Application demonstration, and the ultimate disposition of project information.

It collects project-related information in a secure manner, allowing relevant members and stakeholders to access communication any time. This facilitates users to gain insights into the productivity of the team and track the progress of all projects.

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Key Features of Online
Project collaboration tools


Timeline gives a complete idea of all changes and updates happened throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Route Map: It shows the order of events with dates in chronological order with route map. Thus, it is very easy to understand when they happened.
  • Advance Filter: It allows to filter the timeline by project, event type, date, person. Hierarchy-based Approval
Hierarchy-based Approval

My Projects

Managing multiple projects & its various aspects on a single screen, helps to maintain all previously completed, currently executing projects’ data.

  • Create new project: Setup new project by adding project details, team, project plan and deadlines.
  • Configure third party application: Setup Jira configuration to integrate with the solution helps to track tasks smoothly. Similarly, configuring the communication channel to integrate with this solution.
  • Project List: View all my projects list by a facility to pin some specific on top for convenience.
  • Project Setting: Simply maintain project versions, priority color codes, platforms and many more.
Consolidated Reports for Multiple locations


Real time conversation channel to share and track all data and updates internally and to all Project members throughout project execution life cycle.

  • Post conversation: Post updates direct to project members, define conversation category, attach files, share google drive file.
  • Conversation threads: Create new thread for new discussions and keep all recorded stored there. Like asking questions, adding context, or giving feedback without disrupting other conversations.
  • Delivery status: Track each conversation status - delivered, read, or unread and keep track of it.
  • Label conversations: Give labels to keep conversations well organized, similar to storing them in folders, however, unlike folders, can apply more than one label to a single message.
Employee Time and Attendance Tracking


Track all planned schedules of meetings, events, demo and receive timely reminders for upcoming events.

  • Create Meeting: Create a meeting by selecting the date, time, location and selecting the list of people should attend the meeting.
  • Receive Reminders: Receive reminders for the scheduled meetings before time, configure reminders.
  • Upload MOM: Upload Minutes of meeting to keep record of important conversation and share with concerned people.
Visitor Management

Manage Team

Manage team members working in a Project, internal / external team members & clients; along with their permission to access the project modules.

  • Send request: Invite new team members by sending them invitation requests.
  • Receive request: Receive requests from other team members to join the project, project owner can approve/reject it.
  • Remove Person: At any time simply tap on the remove button to remove a particular member from the project. It's easy to move one member from internal to external team and vice versa.
Enterprise-Level Reports

To-do list

List out all the required actions that should be completed by any party either by the internal project team or by the client.

  • Create To-do list: Create a to-do list and assign it to any member of your team along with the due date.
  • Color Codes: Allot Different color codes to differentiate task importance and priority.
  • Clone Task: Clone the task easily with very few numbers of clicks.
  • Status Management: Manage the status of the assigned task and change the status once complete.
Intelligent Dashboards


Inputs from client and senior team members are essentials while working in any project. Receive feedback and have a discussion for that. which creates a healthy communication flow.

  • Create Feedback: Create feedback to any of the completed tasks/demo and assign a person to execute. Track its further progress made by assignee. Have a conversation within a Feedback request. Set which member can watch this feedback.
  • Track all Feedbacks: For a Project, track all generated feedback and its status details, easy to filter by various parameters.
Geo-Tagged Attendance

Other Settings

Some other important features of the portal which let you complete your work simply without hassle.

  • Notifications Management: Smart notifications management feature helps to manage notifications.
  • ManageTags: Create a tag by simply adding a name and use the same tags in the conversation, feedback or wherever you want in a project for easy tracking.
  • Email Templates: Create and save email templates, use such email templates to send mail within a fraction of seconds.
  • To-do Templates: Create todo templates once and use the same for different projects, which save a lot of time.
Face Recognition

Technologies We Use

We’re clear with technologies that can make your project management experience better.


Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

What benefits can I get by using project communication software in my company?

Our Project Management software is ideal for companies who wish to simplify and improve the work co-ordination among their team members. It enables the employees in the company to be more organized, productive, and effective through the intuitive automated tracking and workflow.

Is there a limit to the number of projects, users I can create?
There is not any kind of limitation on projects and Users to add in this platform. You can add unlimited number of projects and unlimited number of Users.
How is it different from other solutions that are available in the market?
Our project management software development solution is bit remarkable by providing a one-stop system for a complete project to be managed from start to end. Through this solution, you can manage all project related conversations with internal and external teams separately, Calendar & Meeting Management, Tasks, Todo, Demo & Feedback - All at one place!
Is it possible to prioritize the task?
Yes, project execution consists of multiple tasks for a user, and prioritization of tasks is compulsory for the smooth execution of a project. By keeping this in mind we developed a project management system where users can select the task by defining its priority - low, medium, or high. Apart from this we also provided color codes for the tasks to differentiate.

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