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At Hidden Brains, Our Mission Is Aimed At Revolutionizing The Education Industry

Hidden Brains aims to transform both learning and teaching experiences using immersive technologies. Our virtual classroom software solutions using video streaming and online classes creates a powerful learning loop between students, teachers, and various stakeholders.

The era of digital disruption in the education industry has arrived. Hidden Brains offers the much-needed scalability to the education industry with its suite of smart learning applications for iOS and Android.

Our smart learning applications provide digital transformation to enhance the classroom experience in a professional environment.

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Features of Virtual Learning
Classroom Solution


Our virtual classroom training software offers students the ability to learn new concepts in a powerful and intuitive way. With technology solutions, we aim to transform how educators and students share video content in a seamless manner to achieve success together.

  • Option for students to learn subject wise and Lesson wise videos lectures through recorded video lectures.
  • Optimum Internet Use: View Video in Full Screen and change the Quality of video to reduce Internet use.
  • Offline Use: Option to view video offline, change the speed of the video for a quick review of lesson.
  • Manage Videos: Seamlessly manage favorite and playlist for videos, as well as manage downloaded videos.
  • Search Feature: Find any topic and get the video list of the available topic to view and learn.
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Get a comprehensive dashboard of all information such as videos viewed and downloaded, as well as tests attempted.

  • Track Progress: Students can see the syllabus track progress via watched video lectures.
  • Track Test wise Report: Get various parameters such as test Speed, Marks obtained, Subject Wise score, Complexity wise score, Question wise Analysis.
  • Test leaderboard: Gives students about their Rank among other users on the platform within a particular test.
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Online Mock Test and Mock Practice Tests

Offer mock tests crafted or designed by teachers for the students to assess students and their actual preparation before the examination.

  • Mock Tests: Students can give online mock tests which simulate the real exams.
  • Past Year Papers: Platform provides facility to upload past year papers which students can solve as a mock test before they appear for the exams.
  • Practice Tests: Create your own practice session by selecting the subject, lessons, time duration, and number of questions with the option.
  • Timebound or Timeless Practice mode to do practice for various subjects.
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Test Report

Generate all-encompassing and comprehensive test reports and scorecards to analyze the performance of learners.

  • View Reports: Students can view test reports, marks obtained, attempted questions time taken for test and subject wise marks.
  • Grading based on Complexity: Get the Complexity report on easy medium and hard questions and how much student scored based on the question type.
  • Download Answer Sheet: Download solutions as PDF and view answer sheets providing right and wrong answers.
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Study Material

Upload, organize and store your content for quick access anywhere at any time. Virtual learning classroom solution saves the hassle of transferring and carrying data. Upload notes, solutions, formula sheets, E-Books, Past Exam Papers in PDF, Solution or Books in audio, video, PPT files . It’s easy to search for content and share it with your students.

  • View PDF: Students can check different pdf and videos added by admin to prepare for the exam in a better way.
  • View videos: Several videos available based on subject and Lessons.
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Book Tutor

Online Learning Platform with smart features is carefully designed and built to meet the needs of students giving them flexibility to learn by selecting a group tution or personal tutor based on time slots.

  • Group Tution: Create a Virtual Classroom or Group Study Session and provide learning to groups of students.
  • Identify personal tutor: Resolve queries and understand difficult concepts by consulting certified highly educated Tutors.
  • Advance Search Feature: based on subject to filter suitable Tutors from list.
  • Verify Tutor: Check tutor list from list by reviewing profile, previous sessions and reviews.
  • Book Tutor's Slot: "Student / Parent can view relevant tutor profiles and book a slot by making payment according to tutor's charges.
  • Check Availability: View available time slots of Tutor and book sessions based on availability.
  • Make payment: Secure payment options based on hourly fee of a Tutor by adding credit/debit card details.
  • Parent / Child registration: Create an account on behalf of children and look for tutors; schedule a session with the tutor.
  • Raise a Query: Post or raise a query to get feedback or resolution from multiple subject matter experts
Hidden Brains

Online Study - Whiteboard

Virtual classroom software for live online classes provides both Students and Teacher, a bunch of elements to utilize in between the session such as whiteboard, Screen sharing, file sharing, group or private text chat.

  • Screen Sharing: Once the session starts, either student or teacher can be the presenter to share the screen.
  • Annotation: Presenters can write down, draw lines, change color, add shapes to whiteboard, erase elements and arrange it to enhance understanding.
  • File Sharing: Sharing file and making changes into a file; receive prompt real time on other's screen.
  • Chat: Easily send text messages, emojis between all participants in a live session.
  • Whiteboard: Multiple wihiteboards to make effective use of classroom session.
  • Digital Pen Tab device support: To write smoothly using digital pen during Live Classes.
Hidden Brains

Technologies We Use

Hidden Brains aims to transform the virtual classroom solution experience using blended technologies.


How is this app different from other learning apps?
The app is crafted with the help of experienced teaching faculty in this area. Simple and Easy User Interface keeping in mind that target audience is small age users i.e school/college students. Simple and practical use cases flow how educational coaching institutes work. Advanced Back-end Panel to manage each and every aspect of the product.

Allow all types of question banks such as Single Choice, Multiple answer, Text input, Paragraphs, Matrix Question. Such no. of questions makes this product stand out from other products.
Is this app applicable to school teaching or only for coaching institutes providing exam coaching for Competition exams?
It is best suited to Coaching institutions providing coaching for higher studies exam preparation but not limited to it only. Schools and other training institutions can also use this to educate their students or trainees.
Video Lectures in the app are LIVE or Recorded?
Majority of the lectures are recorded but Product has features to do LIVE classes as well.
The app is available for both iOS and Android platform?
Currently it is available for WEB and Android smartphone devices. Users can use this app into Android Tablets but the UI remains the same as a smartphone.
Which technology or platform are you using for Recorded video Streaming?
We are using Vimeo Platform for Video streaming.
Is this app age-appropriate? Do we mean appropriate for kids/toddler or College students?
yes, it is designed for School/College students.
What kind of reporting and analytics will this app provide?
App provides 3 level analysis. Subject, Lesson and Question. Based on the analysis data, users can understand the Area of improvement and do the practice accordingly.
Is this App providing LIVE Classes with a Whiteboard feature?
Yes. It has LIVE classes with a Whiteboard feature.

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Our smart learning applications provide digital transformation to enhance the classroom experience in a professional environment.

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