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Virtual Classroom

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Virtual Classroom Solution: How does it Work

Want to see how our virtual classroom solution enables digital transformation across the globe?

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Features of

Virtual Classroom Solution

Hidden Brains aims to transform both learning and teaching experiences using immersive technologies, building a powerful learning loop.


Our online teaching software allows students to sign up using an Email ID, Phone Number and OTP-based authentication.

Subscription plans

There are several subscription plans based on test preparation & exam date and an option to schedule tests or Live Classes.

Video streaming

Smooth video streaming to take interactivity and intuitiveness in network as per network strength with the help of Vimeo streaming services.


Option to download video & view videos in offline mode; option to remove video sharing to prevent outside distribution.

Practice Tests
& In-depth Test Reports

In-depth reports on total marks, time, attempted/unattempted questions. Participate in scheduled test or create a test.


Attend live video classes and learn in a classroom environment. Option to view recorded chapters after class completion.

and Polls

With the option of Screen Sharing, Whiteboard & Live Polls, students can stay engaged and interact during Live Classes.


Check answer keys after giving tests to diagnose student performance, problem areas and scope for improvement in tests.


Make secure payment using renowned payment gateway such as Paytm; options such as UPI, Internet Banking, Credit/Debit Card.


Access to the panel for high-quality & experienced teachers to ensure information sharing allows qualified teachers to impart training to students.

Calendar Tool
for Classes

Calendar tools to help not just view all upcoming classes but also past class details at one go, anytime, anywhere.

Live Video/
Whiteboard Classes

Take Live video classes with the help of a suite of interactive tools such as whiteboard, live polls and screen sharing.

Test Paper

Create a lecture specific test series, weekly test or mock test similar to real exam for proper assessment for students.

Live Video

Take Live video classes with the help of great tools such as interactive whiteboard, live polls as well as screen sharing.

for Students

Get reports about student performance and quiz results to help them plan for their further learning areas and improvement.

Dashboard &

View key performance indicators, metrics, key data points & reports of student performance, classes, quiz, live classes.

Manage Sub

Manage your staff to help them handle other important aspects of operations with specific & varied access as well as roles.

Manage Teachers
and Students

Easily manage Teachers as sub-admin and students. Great data search and filter options to get relevant data in a few clicks.

Subscription Plans
and Payment

Easily create and manage subscription plans for your business model. Track payment via system & get duration based reports.

Manage Courses,
Subjects, Topics

Manage relevant courses, subjects and topics that are deemed suitable for your organization and/or coaching institutions.

Manage Study

Manage various Study materials such as Videos & PDF as well as organize materials based on different Courses/Subject/Topics.

Manage Question

Facility to create Question Bank with Options and answers key. Option to bulk upload your questions through CSV for ease.

Test Paper

Create a lecture specific test, weekly or mock test similar to the real exam to assist students to prepare for real exams.

Coupon Codes

This would help you to offer timely coupon codes and offers to attract users on the system in competitive pricing.


Realize the benefits from digital classroom solutions and experiential learning across different platforms for a seamless experience.

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  • Student Web Panel

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  • Teacher Web Panel

  • Admin Web Panel

Ample Experience in 3rd Parties Integration

Our virtual classroom software solutions offer seamless third-party integration for enhanced functionality.

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Our Customers

Our team aspires to deliver the best for the success of your business and we consider customer satisfaction as a yardstick to measure our success.

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How is this app different from other learning apps?
The app is crafted with the help of experienced teaching faculty in this area. Simple and Easy User Interface keeping in mind that target audience is small age users i.e school/college students. Simple and practical use cases flow how educational coaching institutes work. Advanced Back-end Panel to manage each and every aspect of the product.

Allow all types of question banks such as Single Choice, Multiple answer, Text input, Paragraphs, Matrix Question. Such no. of questions makes this product stand out from other products.
Is this app applicable to school teaching or only for coaching institutes providing exam coaching for Competition exams?
It is best suited to Coaching institutions providing coaching for higher studies exam preparation but not limited to it only. Schools and other training institutions can also use this to educate their students or trainees.
Video Lectures in the app are LIVE or Recorded?
Majority of the lectures are recorded but Product has features to do LIVE classes as well.
The app is available for both iOS and Android platform?
Currently it is available for WEB and Android smartphone devices. Users can use this app into Android Tablets but the UI remains the same as a smartphone.
Which technology or platform are you using for Recorded video Streaming?
We are using Vimeo Platform for Video streaming.
Is this app age-appropriate? Do we mean appropriate for kids/toddler or College students?
yes, it is designed for School/College students.
What kind of reporting and analytics will this app provide?
App provides 3 level analysis. Subject, Lesson and Question. Based on the analysis data, users can understand the Area of improvement and do the practice accordingly.
Is this App providing LIVE Classes with a Whiteboard feature?
Yes. It has LIVE classes with a Whiteboard feature.

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