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Client Speaks

Our client's testimonials speak loud for our services

Ms. Lisanna

Ms. LisannaAustralia

Flexible with any IT needs that you require, and because they have a big team, they can support any type of software/coding.

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Mr. Stuart

Mr. StuartUK

Easy to deal with, excellent service and prompt response to changes and enhancements during our app and webpage development.

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Mr. Evaldo

Mr. EvaldoUSA

In my 25 years in the technology space, I've worked with many outsourced development teams. Small teams, large teams, and from entirely different countries. Hidden Brains was the first team I felt truly wanted to partner with me.

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Mr. Kees

Mr. KeesNetherlands

Hidden Brains delivered an excellent iOS and Android application for us! After an extensive search for the right company to develop our mobile application

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Mr. Arthur

Mr. ArthurUK

Hidden Brains developers are genuinely good in their field and their communication skills and sense of responsibility really add up to make the whole process easy for the client.

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Mr. Stephan

Mr. StephanUSA

The team performed excellent within our agreed deadlines and delivered upon our development agreement. Outstanding!

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Mr. Anthony

Mr. AnthonyAustralia

We found Hidden Brains to be reliable and trustworthy and hence we reengaged our service request with them for the website development.

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Mr. Mick

Mr. MickUK

Hidden Brains is an exceptional Tech company that has the ’in house’ resources necessary to progress all aspects of development, implementation and maintenance of IT Projects and Mobile Apps.

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Mr. Yusef

Mr. YusefSaudi Arabia

I want to express my heartfelt thank you and want to say that I have been very satisfied with Hidden Brains.

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Mr. Jide

Mr. JideNigeria

I have worked on two major projects with Hidden Brains. I rate HB's customer service as excellent. Also, technical delivery of the projects is very good.

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Mr. Juan

Mr. JuanMexico

This organization helped me create the concept of from scratch. All planning and development processes were adequately documented from start to finish. I like Hidden Brains’ Project organization, project documentation, Proper communication.

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Mr. Alexander

Mr. AlexanderAustria

Hidden Brains is an outstanding company. Many developers approached me, and "warned" me, that working with offshore companies is difficult.

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Mr. Abdulaziz

Mr. AbdulazizBahrain

The Developer team is excellent and they do there job in a professional way and can handle all the jobs a signed to them.

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Mr. Georg

Mr. GeorgGermany

We were referred to HiddenBrains by one of our contacts As soon as we connected Hidden Brains...

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>Mr. Ethan

Mr. EthanUSA

I would like to give my sincere thanks to the Hidden Brains team for their outstanding commitment to our project.

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Mr. Naman

Mr. NamanIndia

The extent of success of a startup is defined by how well it can adapt to the user criticism; We have been fortunate to have HiddenBrains as our Development partners...

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Mr. Asaad A.

Mr. Asaad A.Dubai

I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful job and the excellent service that Hidden Brains, did in creating my first ever App ControlBabyGender.

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Mr. Stephen W.

Mr. Stephen W.USA

Hidden Brains was referred to me by a trusted colleague who had recently used Hidden Brains to develop and launch an App. I was very happy with the response time and interest that was taken in my project (development of an IOS App) during the proposal stage.

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Theophile Nsengimana

Theophile NsengimanaUSA

We are an audio music streaming startup. We launched a few months back and while we’ve been successful in most part, we’ve had a lot of our users pointing about bugs. As we weighed in our options,

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Mr. Rupert S.

Mr. Rupert S.United Kingdom

I felt Hidden Brains was very professional and understood the issues I needed resolving. They have very up-to-date knowledge of the latest tech and ways of doing things. Lots of understandable quotes which allowed me to hone the development to a very usable product; they were very patient while I decided what I wanted.

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Ms. Esther C.

Ms. Esther C.Kenya

We run youth and children programs geared at helping them unleash their potential. We got to know about HB via Internet.​​They were professional and gave timely feedback.

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Mr. Ben A

Mr. Ben A.Canada

My experience outsourcing web development to Hidden Brains was a good one. They handled the process of developing my software proficiently and professionally. Working with Chris and his team was a great experience.

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Mr. Vijay S.

Mr. Vijay S.USA

I have had the great pleasure of working with Hidden Brains (HB) for the past nine months. They have been responsible for building our mobile app, an Order Fulfillment Platform using the LAMP, Android and iOS technologies.

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Ms. Dorna M.

Ms. Dorna M.USA

I am a corporate litigator who is aiming to make the law accessible and understandable. My project was an online legal research encyclopedia for legal professionals, academics and curious minds. I received a telephone call from Hidden Brains.

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Mr. Fawad R.

Mr. Fawad R.USA

My name is Fawad Rashidi and I am the IT Director for Implant Direct. Our company is located in Southern California. We manufacture dental implants with the necessary abutments, and surgical tools.

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Mr. Ian C.

Mr. Ian C.Cayman Island

I am Ian, a serial entrepreneur with a love for technology. I had a brilliant idea about an app that could organize information about restaurants, shopping, bars and other POIs and so I started the initial phase of turning CayGuide into a reality.

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Mr. Nikoan J.

Mr. Nikoan J.Bahamas

The first time I enlisted the services of Hidden Brains I was a little skeptical about the whole outsourcing thing and didn't trust anyone; but Hidden Brains quickly put those fears to rest.

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Mr. Praveen M.

Mr. Praveen M.Ireland

We outsourced our new innovative application to Hidden Brains for development, testing and deployment; and I must say Hidden Brains team delivered the final application with expected outcome and on time.

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Mr. Nicolas K.

Mr. Nicolas K.France

I am Nicolas a French entrepreneur with business in Paris and Las Vegas. What made Hidden Brains stand apart from a few other Indian vendors was their professionalism, detailed quote and relevant pricing.

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Mr. Joseph C.

Mr. Joseph C.Greater New York

I would like to thank you for your valuable services and especially for allowing Anurag to remain working on my development project. The progress he has made is amazing.

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Mr. Adam A.

Mr. Adam A.Israel

As we are now launching the site, I thought it would be a good time to reflect and give feedback on the team I worked with for a few months. This is also my first project with HB, so it is also somewhat related to HB in general form my own perspective.

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Mr. Nikola K.

Mr. Nikola K.Bulgaria

Every single step of this project can be described with only one word pleasure. Peter and I are very pleased with all of the points and we have to say that you are real professionals.

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Mr. Matthew C.

Mr. Matthew C.USA

Working with Hidden Brains has been a fantastic experience. They’ve been able to handle a very dynamic process of putting together my project with class.

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Mr. Mattias H.

Mr. Mattias H.Hungary

Working with Hidden Brains resulted in an iPhone app that met our expectations, technically as well as, graphically. Communication was smooth and prompt, we never felt left alone in the process of beta testing.

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Mr. Matt W.

Mr. Matt W.UK

Hidden Brains have shown first class commitment to developing robust solutions for our complex business needs. Communication has always been prompt, and the turnaround time on issue resolution continues to impress me.

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Mr. Scott B.

Mr. Scott B.UK

As a new start up business in the UK, we were a little nervous about going offshore for our website build, especially with the shopping cart requirements we had.

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Mr. Sunjit K.

Mr. Sunjit K.Canada

Mpowered is an online social media venture that allows its users to distribute digital advertising funds from corporate sponsors as a donation to partner not-for-profit organizations (NFPs) in a crowd-sourced manner.

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Ms. Fatme C.

Ms. Fatme C.Saudi Arabia

I worked with HB two times (until now). The first time I heard of them was when I was working on the Club 32 application. I was just an assistant for the Program Director who was the director of the whole project.

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Ms. Elke S.

Ms. Elke S.Australia

We deliver specialist healthcare products around Australia and wanted to build an app for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs contract for mobility equipment supply.

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Mr. Michael R.

Mr. Michael R.Texas

When I first decided to work with the Hidden Brains team, I was skeptical at first to trust my plans and money with a Company based in a foreign country. I had no guarantees that a foreign based company wouldn’t just take my money and leave me with nothing.

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Mr. Alex A.

Mr. Alex A.New Zealand

I felt privileged to have met so many of you on my visit to Hidden Brains this March. Beyond my talented team, all the people I met in the office were friendly, hard-working and super supportive of each other.

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Mr. Faycal

Mr. FaycalSpain

Likeat is a moroccan startup in the foodtech industry. We give a panoramic view of everything that restaurants have to offer in the user’s city.

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Video Testimonials

We build successful technology partnerships and our video testimonials do all the talking.

Mr. Talal Benlahsen
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Mr. Talal BenlahsenMobile Application Development

Mr. Chris Folayan
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Mr. Chris FolayaneCommerce

Mr. Anthony Nowlan
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Mr. Anthony Nowlanelearning Solutions

Mr. Mick Venning
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Mr. Mick VenningWeb and Mobile Application Development

Mr. Jose De La Cruz
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Mr. Jose De La CruzParking App Development

Ms. Julia Hedgcock
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Ms. Julia HedgcockSports Network Platform

Ms. Stephanie-Perez
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Ms. Stephanie-PerezHealthcare & Insurance App Development

Mr. Daniel Vant
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Mr. Daniel VantBooking & Vouchers Management Solution

Mr. Amos Kilchsperger
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Mr. Amos KilchspergerWeb and Mobile App Development

Mr. Ivan Baguma
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Mr. Ivan BagumaHealth & Wellness App Development

Mr. Nuno Campos
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Mr. Nuno CamposeCommerce Website Development

Dr. Paul Kasenene
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Dr. Paul KaseneneHealth & Fitness Application

Mr. Rakesh Nair
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Mr. Rakesh NairLogistics IT Solution

Mr. Michael Amaldhas
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Mr. Michael AmaldhasWeb Development

Mr. Harjeet Garewal
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Mr. Harjeet GarewaliOS and PHP Web Development

Dr. David Bohn
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Dr. David BohnIOS Mobile Development

Mr. Saint Walker
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Mr. Saint WalkerMobile Application Development

Mr. Kjell Jager
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Mr. Kjell JagerPHP Web Application Development

Mr. Paul Arce
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Mr. Paul ArceTravel & Tourism App

Mr. Pablo Codina
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Mr. Pablo CodinaTax Filing Solution with AI/ML

Mr. Richard Fitzpatrick
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Mr. Richard FitzpatrickWeb Development

Mr. Larry Lemelson
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Mr. Larry LemelsonWeb and Mobile App Development

Mr. Jacob Hallman
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Mr. Jacob HallmanIOS and Android App Development

Mr. Daniel Vent
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Mr. Daniel VentASP.Net Website Development

Mr. Evaldo
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Mr. EvaldoWeb and Mobile Application Development

Mr. David
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Mr. DavidCodeIgniter Website Development

Mr. Demal G.
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Mr. Demal G.Web and Mobile Application Development

Dr. David B
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Dr. David B.iPad Application Development

Mr. Jimmy C
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Mr. Jimmy C.Web and Mobile Application Development

Mr. Jide A
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Mr. Jide A.CodeIgniter Website Development

Mr. Shay W.
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Mr. Shay W.iPhone Application Development

Mr. Paul V.
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Mr. Paul V.iPhone application and Joomla based Website

Mr. Waka W.
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Mr. Waka W.Mobile App

Mr. Alex A.
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Mr. Alex A.iOs application - Healthcare

Mr. Patrick Felix
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Mr. Patrick FelixCode Igniter based Website

Mr. Ben H.
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Mr. Ben H.iPhone, Android, BB application - Real Estate

Mr. Deniz Y.
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Mr. Deniz Y.Web Development

Mr. Niall
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Mr. NiallWeb and Mobile App Development

Mr. Grant Muddle
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Mr. Grant MuddleiPad Real Estate App Development

Mr. Jon
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Mr. JonIOS and Android App Development

Mr. Waleed Al Saud
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Mr. Waleed Al SaudMobile App Development

Mr. Gabrieal Solaco
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Mr. Gabrieal SolacoPHP Web Development Testimonial

Mr. Ofer N.
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Mr. Ofer N.iPad - Game Development

Mr. Paul P.
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Mr. Paul P.iPad App Development

Mr. Paul V.
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Mr. Paul V.iPad Game

Mr. Vijay P.
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Mr. Vijay P.PHP CodeIgniter Website Development

Mr. Stephane B.
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Mr. Stephane B.Windows Mobile application - Horoscope

Mr. Errol S.
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Mr. Errol S.PHP - Game Development

Mr. Stephen A.
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Mr. Stephen A.iPad application - Ecommerce


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