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Zoebook is designed for social enthusiasts to search for and increase their fanbase.

Through this platform, users can share memories with their friends and family members. Apart from this, users can also capture live moments and share it with their loved ones, friends, and followers within seconds. This platform lets users share stories with the right audience and provides complete control over everything. Users can increase their follower base within a short time duration just by posting interesting stories.

Business Problem

There are multiple applications in the market with a similar concept. Challenge was to create a better user experience considering the category of the app.

Managing seamless notifications & One-to-One live chatting using TokBox SDK with chat notifications.

Business Problem
Business Problem

Project Challenges

Project Challenges
  • AWS Email Bounce.
  • OpenTalk Stream Lib crash.
  • The server stopped a few times.
  • Existing App and Website had lots of issues which we have taken care
  • Dynamic Height for Video/Images and we need to display accordingly.
  • One post has 5 images with different sizes than on swipe we also need to handle the size.
  • Overall app performance improvement.

Project Solutions

Hidden Brains has Developed Social
media Zoebook is a “Viral-Based”
Social Media that gives users the
ability to “Go Viral in 48 Hours.”

With Features of Share photos and stories, engage with
pages and friends and maintain a strong relationship
with vital communities.

Business Problem
Business Problem
Business Problem

New features are coming to

Moments :
Users can create groups of people and exchange
Image/ video with all group members using all of the
social media capabilities.

Application Features

  • Like comment and share post

  • Memories:

    Create a Group by inviting group of
    people and upload images, videos

  • Real-time messaging

  • Images editing

  • Secure login and privacy controls

  • Push notifications

  • Golive

  • Simple and easy to connect and
    chat with groups

  • Viral Post recommendation

  • Viral Post

  • Hide Post

  • Search Friends

  • Explore Post

  • Advance setting includes private, personal details, preferences, and more


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