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An online tutoring marketplace that challenges the traditional education model by rethinking the way students learn.


LAMP, WordPress


California, US




Stripe,, Facebook, Google, OpenTok , Whiteboard,
Firebase , Pusher, MailChimp, AWS S3, Cloudfront


StudyGate is a hub for tutors and students, providing online tutoring and questionnaire services. Freelance tutors can now have the best of both worlds with the a stable income and flexible timings. This is accomplished through platform connection tools and payment management system. These tools take the pressure off of tutors looking for paid clients and allows them to draw directly from StudyGate’s learning network.

The mission is to join competent tutors with ambitious students looking for enhanced learning opportunity, all under the umbrella of a single platform. No longer will tutors have to scour the depths of the Internet looking for clients, and no longer will students have to worry about whether they will be connected to a first-rate tutor.


  • 1

    Easy Student & Tutor onboarding

  • 2

    Question Posting by students

  • 3

    Tutor selection through complex algorithm

  • 4

    one-to-one chat between students & tutors

  • 5

    Live sessions with whiteboard

  • 6

    Review & Rating of tutors

  • 7

    Community between students & Tutors

  • 8

    Bids & multiple payment options

  • 9

    Push & system notifications

  • 10

    Revenue model to suit the tutors


Client came up with an idea to develop a unique eLearning platform with one to one live session and White Board Integration.

Expectation was high as Client was mostly inspired by ideas from EduTech giants.

Hidden Brains

Considering the complexity of the project, HB knew we would have to adjust the project’s requirements and shape constantly throughout the development, we decided to propose a Time & Material (T&M) approach . This gave our stakeholders a complete flexibility in taking decisions during the process of development.

Every new idea was immediately built into a prototype that helped our stake holders to visualize the feature and take a decision on the same

Snapshots of the


  • Fast loading of the whiteboards to show real time data

  • Changing expectations and targets every sprint

  • Smooth video calling functionality at low internet bandwidth

  • Scaling up and down the project team with short notice


  • Platform attracted tutors from NYU, Yale University, Stanford and many more.

  • Support for 120 Subjects


PLatform recognized by
Forbes, Today, INc, YEC

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