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Targeted Audience

Homeowners, Members of an HOA
community, Property Managers


Real Estate

Project Type

Managed Hire Project

Socializing with neighbors, stay updated with Residential Documents & Rules through the HOC (Home Owner Community) Mobile Application

Access their documents and tasks at their convenience through a single system. Users can view any Community Announcements, Pay Dues, Communicate with neighbors and get things done for their properties.

Business Problem

Client approached Hidden Brains, to develop a vast system in regards to HOA[HomeOwner Association] Management.

In this busy life, it's hard for the residence to socialize with their neighbors and staying up to date with the ongoing Rules, Events and Problems within the Society. The target audience were around 95000 HOAs in USA where 10,000 were from California.

Wanted a system so that all the HOAs and Residence can coordinate with each other in better and efficient manner.


Project Challenges

  • Security and Privacy: Required implementing security measures such as encrypted data storage and secure login protocols
  • User Adoption: Getting members to download and use the application as most of the residence were not tech savvy
  • Frequent Changes: Frequent Updates after the approvals of UI/UX & FRD [Functional Requirement Document]
  • Budget and Resource Constraints: Developing such a mobile application was complex and time-consuming process, and it required significant financial and human resources.
  • Timezone: Understanding the residentials Mindset being from a different Region/Timezone

HB Solution

With Hidden Brains strong reputation and a long and varied list of past experience the client approached us in great faith and even greater expectations.

The solution approached by Hidden Brains were
  • Discovery Phase: As it was an unique project, we initiated with a Discovery phase by allocating a dedicated BA[Business Analyst] & PM[Project Manager], to coordinate with the client and get the scope finalize in form of FRD[Functional Requirement Document]
  • Choose a Development Solution: Hidden Brains provided with a Hire Base Model, where the client was directly in touch with the development team
  • Design and Build: Using the plan and development solution, begin designing and building the app. This involved creating wireframes, prototypes, and mockups, as well as coding and testing the app
  • Launch and Maintain: On completion we had regression testing of the entire app with a successful launch, worked on gathering regular feedback from users to ensure that it meets their needs
Business Problem

Application Features

  • Communication: Provide a platform for homeowners to communicate with the HOA board and other homeowners, through a message board or chat feature

  • Document Library: Store important documents, easily accessible to homeowners through a document library

  • Event Calendar: Display a calendar for upcoming events and meetings, and allow homeowners with RSVP

  • Work orders: Allow homeowners to submit work orders for repairs or maintenance issues, and track the status of those requests

  • Account Management: Allow homeowners to create and manage their accounts, view their account details, and make payments

  • News and Updates: Keep homeowners informed about important updates, news, and announcements from the HOA

  • Amenities Booking: Allow homeowners to reserve and schedule the use of common amenities, such as clubhouses or pools

  • Emergency Alerts: Provide a way for the HOA to quickly alert homeowners of emergencies or important updates

  • Directory: Create a directory of contact information for homeowners, board members, and other key stakeholders

  • Push Notifications: Use push notifications to alert homeowners of important updates, events, or other information in a timely manner


Technical Information


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