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B2B platform for both Buyer and Trader
  • Country India
  • Targeted AudienceB2B, Bulk Buyers & Individuals
  • IndustryE-Commerce
  • Project TypeManaged Hire Project

Business Problem

Live Whole Baazaar, a B2B e-commerce platform, faced problems common to businesses in the industry, including intense competition, logistics and fulfillment issues, payment processing challenges, and difficulties in acquiring and retaining customers, managing inventory, designing and improving website functionality, and optimizing for mobile devices.

In an effort to overcome these obstacles and expand their business, they sought out the expertise of Hidden Brains to develop a comprehensive online solution.

business problem solve


  • Scalability to handle large numbers of products, orders and customers
  • Secure Payment gateway integration
  • Integration with existing enterprise systems like CRM, ERP, inventory management and logistics systems
  • Data privacy and security compliance
  • Providing detailed analytics and reporting functionality to track key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Mobile optimization to support order placement and tracking on-the-go

Hidden Brains Approach

Key Features
  • Understand the Business

    The first step was to conduct a thorough analysis of the B2B business, including its unique goals, target audience, and existing systems. Identifying specific B2B needs such as personalized pricing, credit management and account management will help to determine the platform requirements.

  • Research and Analysis

    HB team researched the B2B e-commerce market and analyze the competition to understand the current trends and best practices for B2B sales.
    This will help identify areas of opportunity and potential solutions to the challenges specific to B2B business.

  • Design and Development

    Based on the research and analysis, design and develop the platform with a focus on B2B user experience, scalability and B2B specific functionalities such as account management, order history, credit management and support for large orders.

  • Testing and Deployment

    Testing and deploying the platform, including security testing and quality assurance, to ensure the platform is meeting B2B specific requirements and is functioning as expected.

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support

    Continuously monitor and support the platform, including regular updates and maintenance, to ensure the platform is meeting the evolving needs of B2B customers and addressing any issues that arise.

  • Measuring and Optimizing

    Continuously measure the performance of the platform using key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to B2B e-commerce, analyze the data and make data-driven decisions to optimize the platform for better results and addressing the challenges specific to B2B e-commerce

  • Compliance

    Adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements related to data privacy, security and compliance specific to B2B e-commerce.

Key Feature

HB has introduced an innovative concept of video-based selling, which allows sellers to showcase their products in a unique and engaging way through LIVE FASHION SHOWS. Using this platform, sellers can create videos featuring their products and list them on the website. Visitors can then browse these videos, add products to their cart, and make a purchase in real-time.

Key Features

This unique approach makes shopping more interactive and helps sellers reach
more customers and increase their sales.

Other Features

  • Real Time Purchase: Buyers can place orders during live shows in real-time
  • Invite Buyers: Brands can invite regular buyers to participate in live shows
  • Real-time display of products: Platform allows for real-time display of products
  • Wholesale and Bulk Ordering option available for the buyers
Key Features
Key Features

Results &

  • 4+ Star Rating
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

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