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Goldlist App

Business Problem

Building a comprehensive app to shop local high street.

Two years ago our client built an app that was going to be a ‘black book’ of contacts from network of contacts, it wasn't scalable and was pivoted in the retail direction to give shoppers the ability to use one app to shop their local high street stores. After all, no one knows what is in their local shops unless they are in the shop or visiting individual websites

Business Problem solve
social shopping and live stream apps

There are many social shopping and live stream apps. None focus on the local high street only. There are also many grocery last mile delivery apps. Most are USA based, nearly all of these apps focus on influencers selling products to followers and earning commission so they are not as pure as Goldlist.

Most are USA based


Leverage social commerce to make it easier for people to shop in high street shops.

  • No platform for local high street stores to sell products

  • Unavailability of omnichannel platform

  • Platform not available for users to shop from local high street stores

  • Adaptability risk due to non-usage of such platform by local high street shops

  • Less social exposure of Local high street apps

  • High UI/UX & Performance expectations due to its one of a kind concept

HB Solution

Connecting to locals through our innovative social e-commerce platform

  • Goldlister

    A perfect Goldlister is a male or female aged 18-35, familiar with using technology to Shop, conscious about shopping 'green', using apps to find inspiration before committing to a purchase - this is social shopping.

  • Shops

    Independent shops are the ones that will unlikely have their shopping app and can easily manage orders/products without having our dashboard connected to their POS system.

    Following are the features of the Shop:
    Starting from shop management, product management, order processing by changing the order state, scan QR to complete the order, provide refunds, post on your feed, post a fuse, promote products by tagging them in their posts, provide support service by chatting with customer individually, assign and manage managers for the Shop who can manage Shop on their behalf, exiting reports based on revenue, customers & products.

Following are the features of the goldlisters:
  • Find

    Individual products, bundle products, green mode products, suggested items, tagged products

  • Earn

    Refer friends to earn points, earn double with green mode products, unlock offers using points, top earners leaderboard

  • Buy

    Click & collect at your convenience, create a wishlist, QR scanning at collection, buy again feature, secure checkout

  • Share

    Post on your feed, Post a Fuse, Share post with friends, Tag a shop, product or friend in your post, Like, comment and share posts, message shops & friends individually or in group chats

Results & Achievements
Results & Achievements

Results &

  • 100k+ Shops Onboarded
  • 10k+ Products Listed
  • 25k+ Green Shops Onboarded
  • 3k Green Products Listed
  • 1k+ Daily Posts


Technical Information



I am so far happy with what we have built. It is down to the shops now to make engaging posts and down to users to share interesting posts. The more they buy the more points they get and the higher up the leaderboard they go. This will encourage continuous use.

Samuel Cise Founder & CEO, London