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The Best Workout Apps for Health & Fitness

The client wanted us to develop a health coach app for Android and iOS. Based on the login credentials of user, the app exhibits different features for Trainer and Client. Moxiee app allows users not only to stay fit, but also allows communication with trainer to help overcome anxiety between workouts.

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Moxiee app lets users to seamlessly track all completed actions/habits termed as “Check-in.” This app was built with the purpose of keeping things simple for both clients and trainers. The app provides summary of “check-in” to both a client and coach in an easy to read activity timeline.


The Moxiee app comes with a premium private messaging feature that allows client to stay connected with the trainer at all times. Moxiee app also provides advance Schedule Message feature. This feature enables coach to send motivational messages during different stages of workout.

Key Features For Trainers
  • Track client goals and habits
  • Manage client profile: Add, Edit, and Delete profile
  • Client Interaction
  • Send/schedule motivational messages to clients
  • Organize and track multiple subscription plans
  • Push Notification/Email Notification
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Top Trainer
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Moxiee lets coach track client’s success at a tap anytime, anywhere. This app enables coach to motivate client, as well as provide the much needed support between sessions by sending or scheduling motivational messages.

Key Features For Client
  • Habit tracker
  • Update trainer about status of activity
  • Premium private messaging system
  • Set milestones for Health & Fitness
  • Push Notification / Email Notification
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