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Animal Rescue and Pet Adoption Mobile App Development

Users would be able to register on the app and it would act as a platform where users can search and adopt an animal. It would also act as a donation platform. This animal rescue mobile app also needed to have a location based functionality where users could view the pets nearby on map locations. This pet rescue application would be useful for everyone who is looking to post their new pet, adopt a pet or donate something for a pet.

pet rescue mobile app
Animal Adopt App

Search & Adopt

The Search & Adopt module allows users to search the pets by Type of Pet, Breed Type, Pet Age and Location. Also, it has a separate search filter through which users can search for available pets in the system.

Key features

  • State-of-the-art search feature with auto-prediction
  • Data-heavy indexing
  • Advanced search result functionality.
Pet Search App Development
nearby pet rescue mobile app
rescue mobile app development

Pets Nearby

This rescue mobile app has a functionality where users can see nearby listed pets on the portal. The function redirects users to a new screen of Pets Nearby.

Key features

  • This rescue mobile app fetches geo-location based data of similar users on the platform
  • Shows nearby Pets updated by the different users
  • The app shows the range of radius within 10KM and different pets
Animal In Distress App
Animal In Distress Application

Animal In Distress

Application has a feature where one can post on the platform when an animal is in distress. One can tap on the screen and it will open a screen where the user can upload the picture, video, location or description.

Key features

  • Animals in distress screen where users in the nearby area are notified
  • The user post will be automatically flagged as “Distress”
  • Social share option where users can share the app details directly on social media
best pet rescue mobile app
Lost & Found Animal mobile app
best pet rescue mobile app

Post & Claim

This pet rescue mobile app has an option of “Post a Pet” and “Lost or Found” where it allows users to post about a pet that is either lost or found in a particular locality.

  • Lost or Found section where users in the nearby locality can see if a pet is lost
  • Users who have lost their pet can post the info on the app
  • Users can easily update the status if the pet has been found

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