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DIY Rat Rid is a smart PWA Application built to help users manage their rat bait stations using smart techniques like
locking Geo-metric property locations using google maps, prediction of rat bait consumption by machine learning, and performance trends analysis for each bait station within your property. It also serves as e-commerce to buy products related to rat bait with a few clicks.

It uses the latest PWA technology to give a seamless user experience on mobile devices as you go along similar to any native application.

Business Problem

Unlock limitless possibilities with emerging technologies such as predictive analytics software development to overcome challenges associated with rat bait solutions.

DIY Rat Rid was conceived many years ago, and with the advancement in technology and the experience gained from years of running a successful specialist possum and rat removal company, it was learned that the best result is achieved when the property owner does the treatment themselves

With the proper guidance of technology, our client believed that they are the best person placed to get the job done right. Having successfully treated 1000’s of rat bait solutions for their customers has allowed them to develop a treatment that will resolve 99% of rat issues.

Hence, our client came up with a vision to create a PWA application where a user can utilize the latest technologies like machine learning and Google geo-coordinates to manage their bait station on the go.

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Project Challenges

Using planning, development, and customization to overcome challenges in predictive analytics application development.

  • Discovery & Analysis of this domain Understanding client's requirements about this unique RatBait Station Management and then recommending an ideal solution for the same was challenging
  • Ability to lock geo-coordinates using Google maps of the property for future reference
  • Tracking performance of rat baits
  • Production for future Ability to predict the bait consumption based on machine learning
  • Customized dashboard for Customers, Business Users & Admin

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HB Solution

Technology innovation using predictive analytics tools & machine learning techniques.

  • Dashboard tracking the performance of your rat bait program

    Shows detailed data performance on each rat bait station

  • Ability to lock-in the Geo coordinates for your rat bait stations

    Making it quick and easy to find them later

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  • Previews Graphs and tables on the rat eradication results/location and bait consumption rate/station

    Displays a snapshot view of the rat baiting results

  • Tracks the performance of your rat bait program

    Assists in maintaining the ultimate rat baiting result

  • Automated alerts are sent when bait supplies are running low and when periodic maintenance inspections are due

    You’ll never need to remember again

  • Use of the Rat Bait replacement predictor

    Using this will save you loads of time

  • Guided Tour

    to help user fill the property details in google map

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  • 1000+Satisfied Customers
  • 80%Accurate Predictions
  • 60%Reduction in customer care calls
  • 50%Improvement in efficiency
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Technology Stack

  • AngularAngular
  • CodeigniterCodeigniter
  • Axure RPAxure RP
  • InvisionInvision
  • PhotoshopPhotoshop
  • StripeStripe
  • Google Maps APIGoogle Maps API
  • Google Geometric APIGoogle Geometric API

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