Building a new Era of Retail

Hidden Brains offers IT solutions for Retail Industry to drive the digital transformation, modernize the in-store experience, improving efficiency through disruptive technologies like mobility, big data, cloud, M2M/IoT and more.

We have partnered with retail companies to revamp customer interactions, build digital store of the future, increase customer engagement through mobility for retail and streamline supply chain.

Hidden Brains’ retail solutions provide holistic support to retailers around the world to deliver on their brand promise and operate more effectively.

Retail technology Services

Engage consumers, streamline and automate workflows and provide actionable insights.

Retail Industry Mobility Solutions

Mobile Kiosks

Develop kiosk app for desktops and mobile, including iOS, Android, smartphones, tablets and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems.

In Store Promotions

Implement BLE Beacon, NFC, IoT and wearable technology, kiosks, POS, mobile apps and sensors to provide highly contextual in-store experiences.


Provide feature rich MCommerce solutions across multiple platforms and deliver engaging experience.

Mobile Wallets

Design, develop and optimize digital wallets for great customer experiences allowing customers to purchase products with greater ease.

Omnichannel Retail Solutions

Creating customer information database with customer history, buying behavior and more to deliver personalized and consistent interactions across different platforms and devices.

Inventory App

Tracking of real-time inventory information through apps resulting in increased level of customer service and higher brand loyalty.

Point-of-Sale Solutions

Sophisticated design and development for increased flexibility and integration into store concept.

Loyalty Coupons

Loyalty program & custom loyalty management solutions aimed at making loyalty program accessible to members via preferred mobile channels.

Technology Solutions Seizing new opportunities to enhance customer engagement levels using trending technologies.

& Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality solutions that help consumers virtually experience products and assist merchandisers in visualizing in-store planograms.

  • Virtual Fitting Rooms
  • VR & Touchscreen Showrooms
  • Product Catalogs
  • Virtual Reviews
  • 3D Virtual Product

of Things

IoT-based solutions to empower organizations analyze and improve the effectiveness of store layouts and product presentations to anticipate inventory demand and improve user experience.

  • Digital Displays
  • In-store navigation with IoT-enabled devices
  • Beacon Alerts
  • Smart Signage
  • Smart Shelves
  • Sensor-Enabled Shopping Carts


Chatbots solutions aimed at improving interaction with customers through different stages across a wide range of industries.

  • Speech and Text Digital Assistant
  • Order Tracking Bot
  • Customer Service Bot
  • Chatbots Process Orders
  • Chatbots to Inform Shipping Information
  • Big Data

    Our big data services for the retail industry help in strategic decision-making, as well as understand customers deeply to uncover buying patterns and preferences to seize new opportunities.

    • Operational Analytics and Supply Chain Analysis
    • Targeted Promotions
    • Personalizing the In-Store Experience
    • Customer Behavior Analytics
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