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IT Solutions for Retail Industry

Hidden Brains’, a retail solutions provider offers holistic support to retailers and organizations around the world to deliver excellent user experience and operate more effectively.

Purchase Customized Product

Our Apparel specific product customization solution allows users to customize the product as per his/her own choice. This ensures complete customer satisfaction and reduce the order cancellation greatly.

Product Customization

Select products such as a suit, jacket, vest, cloth type, color, collar type prior to ordering the product.

Company Store Specific orders

Nearby Company Store Tracking by IP detection. The order would go to a nearby Store which reduces the shipping and overall operational cost for the company.

Direct Purchase

Feature to purchase the product without the option of customization as per the specific product category.

Order Shipping and Pickup

Place order and select Shipping address or Pickup from nearby Store to get cost benefits to the customer.

Share Customized Design

Option to share created customized designs with friends and family prior to making an online purchase.

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B2C E-Commerce Platform

Our online women-centric website with the option to purchase apparel, Shoes, Handbags, Sunglasses, Jewelry, etc.

Purchase Products Online

Product search capability with great user experience and product filters that showcase multiple options.

Multiple Payment Options

Make a secure and robust payment using Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Net Banking, Mobile Wallets, and COD.

Multi Currency Support

The user can make quick payment in Multi-Currency, as well as View sales reports in different currencies.

Social Participation

Option for the user to participate on Instagram under the defined tag, publish photos and get highlighted.

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Multi-Vendor Platform

Our solution provides a user-friendly platform to the customer to place an online order for a range of the products available in multiple categories.

Online Product Purchase

Option for users to purchase product available under different product categories and search categories.

Extensive Product Search and Filter Capability

Great user experience makes customer's overall product search and filter option very smooth and quick.

Vendor-specific Pages and Products

View Vendor-specific pages and products provided, overall review and rating for the Seller and Products.

Related Products, Upselling and Cross-Selling

Display products as per user's search and upselling/cross-sell products give more options to the users.

Vendor-specific Discounts and Coupon Codes

Manage discount and coupons for all vendors with Vendor-specific discounts & coupon codes for benefits.

Integration of multiple Payment and Shipping Gateways

Integration of multiple Payment and Shipping Gateways gives several options to the user to make payment.

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Delivery Solution

Our solution provides an easy to use platform for the food lovers to place an online order from the nearby restaurants.

Search Nearby Restaurants

Option to search nearby restaurants based on current location or area to get precise results as per choice.

Online Order and Payment

Hassle-free and secure way of online ordering process with the option for COD or online payment quickly.

Comprehensive Review and Rating

Review and Rating as per multiple service parameters allow users to get more clarity about the restaurant.

Live GPS Tracking of Delivery Boy

Easily track delivery boy location status Live on the Map to know about the estimated time of arrival.

Tip for the Delivery Boy

Option to give Tips to the Delivery Boy by the customer for services to keep services standards very high.

Efficient Delivery Management System

Solutions allow the Delivery Boys to take multiple delivery as per current location and proximity of orders.

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Retail ERP Software

ERP is a Business Management Solution to integrate all data and business processes across the organization to collect, manage store data from different business activities.

Customer Management

Helps to manage Customers along with past purchase history and shopping trends. This will help the company to address and plan for the individual customers in a much better way.

Inventory Management

Easy to manage and track product inventory. This also helps business to plan effectively by evaluating the past inventory data for any specific occasion or time duration.

Product Management

Efficiently manage product, type, price, size, materials, etc. Also, manage product life cycle and expiry hassle-free.

Reward and Loyalty Program Management

Create and manage promotional and marketing activities, create customer segments, and customized plans.

Store and Warehouse Management

Manage multiple Stores and Warehouse which are linked with each other and streamline their operations.

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Magento Enterprise Solution

E-Commerce for consumer technology/electronics and car/truck/motorcycle audio installation products and accessories.

Purchase Products Online

Search capability allows users to have a seamless experience to browse, search, and place online orders.

Multiple Payment Options

The Customer can make secure and robust payment using ways such as PayPal, PayPal Credit, and Amazon Pay.

ADA Compatible

Compatible with international regulations and laws such as Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ADA.

Success Story of Magento 1 EE to Magento 2 EE migration

Shifted from Magento 1 EE to Magento 2 EE and from cloud infrastructure from AWS to Magento Cloud server.

Magento Extensions & 3rd Party API/SDK integration

Third-Party integrations such as Google conversion tracking, QAD ERP Tool, Google Tag Manager, and extension.

B2B Purchasing

The business would have the option to purchase the products at a discounted price for savings and discount.

Mobile Applications

High performance native Mobile Apps for iOS & Android developed effectively with Magento Web Services.

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Client Testimonials

Our clients across the globe recognize our persistence to deliver industry-focused technology solutions, as well as our flexible processes.


Get all your questions answered before hiring the right resource

How technology is changing the retail industry?
Retail IT Solutions are changing the industry in a number of ways. Retailers are now able to offer consumers more personalized experiences with the ability to use their mobile phones, tablets, and computers to find products that suit their needs. This has led to an increase in e-commerce spending and a decrease in physical store traffic. Consumers are also demanding more transparency from retailers, as they want to know where their products came from and how they were made. Retail technology solutions are helping move to the new phase of modernization and contextual buying in the omnichannel retail industry.
What are some examples of retailer challenges?
Retailers are faced with many challenges, whether it be improving customer experience and retention or effective marketing. Retailers need to produce high-quality products at a low cost while managing inventory with limited space. They also need to improve the supply chain logistics in order to lower costs.
  • Improving customer experience and retention
  • Effective marketing
  • Producing high-quality products at a low cost
  • Managing inventory with limited space
  • Improving supply chain logistics to reduce costs.
How can retailers implement technology to solve these challenges?
By understanding the challenges that retail businesses face, it's easier to understand what can be done to help them. Retailers have a lot of challenges on their hands, but there are many ways they can overcome these obstacles and keep their customers satisfied. One way that retailers can use technology is by creating an app so customers can order items online and pick them up in-store.
What are the main technologies currently in use in retail?
There are numerous retail technology solutions on the market today, and as technology continues to advance, we’ll see even more solutions become available. These retail IT solutions and systems allow retailers to get detailed information about what's selling, who's buying it, and how much inventory they have left. Retailers also use these technologies to identify which products should be given more prominent placement on store shelves. In addition, these tools can be combined with other innovations like data analytics or mobile devices in order to provide personalized shopping experiences for customers.
  • Purchase Customized Product
  • B2C E-Commerce Platform
  • Multi-Vendor Platform
  • Delivery Solution
  • Retail ERP Software
  • POS Solution
  • Inventory Management Solution
  • Retail Mobile Application
How does technology help in retail?
Technology is changing the way retailers do business. To keep up with the competition, retailers need to be flexible and tech-savvy. That's where a retail technology solution comes in. Hidden Brains retail technology solutions can help with inventory management, customer service, and more. If you are looking for custom retail IT solutions, get in touch with our team.
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