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Transforming Media & Entertainment through technology

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PHP - Laravel, ReactJS
iOS - Swift, Android - Kotlin

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Media and Entertainment

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JW Player, Google Firebase,
Social Logins, PayLane PG.



Tasali is an online content streaming platform catered to specifically Arabs living abroad.

Users can purchase subscriptions to watch Arabic movies, series, and shows.

By focusing on independent films and documentaries, as well as mainstream feature films, the platform aims to be a hub that showcases Arab talents.


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Hidden Brains Solution

Hidden Brains Solution

Hidden Brains did an in-depth analysis and the client expectations and map those with a technical requirement to ensure that the final product would be easy to use, have good performance, and give a good user experience to the users.

Hidden Brains identified the challenges in any OTT platform such as smooth video streaming, good performance even in low bandwidth internet & great user experience, and proposed relevant technical solutions.

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Key Features

Key Features

  • Various Monetization Channels

    Various Monetization Channels

    Monthly Subscription,
    Pay Per View model and Banner Ads
  • Multiple Content Upload Options

    Multiple Content Upload Options

    Upload via Amazon S3,
    or normal webserver
  • Secure Payments

    Secure Payments

    Integrated PayLane payment gateway
    with multiple payment options
  • Auto-Adjust Streaming

    Auto-Adjust Streaming

    Converting Videos into multiple resolution
    streams using FFMPEG
  • Unlimited Content

    Unlimited Content

    Browse through all available
    categories and sub-categories
  • Smart Suggestions

    Smart Suggestions

    Manage multiple sub-profiles
    to get catered viewing suggestions
  • Dynamic Admin Panel

    Dynamic Admin Panel

    To fully manage and control the
    entire website
  • Responsive Website

    Responsive Website

    Fully responsive to all devices
    for a seamless viewing experience
Why Hidden Brains
solution-centric approach

Why Hidden Brains

The solution-centric approach along with proper guidance and consultation
to the client answered all the initial queries and clarified all the doubts of the client.

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Key Challenges

Key Challenges

tasali movie poster

Managing high expectations because the client
would compare the system with giants like
Netflix and Hulu

Communicating with multiple stakeholders with
a lot of inputs and feedback
throughout SDLC

Highly scalable to support all the streaming
needs of multiple users at any given time

The system required robust architecture to handle large
file sizes
and provide a seamless viewing experience

Coordination with PayLane support team to
integrate PayLane payment gateway
(first time for us)

Adaptive AI algorithm to provide suggestions &
recommendations based on users viewing history

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Key Results

We successfully launched the unique cross-platform
(Web, Android, and iOS) on-demand video streaming
platform which has since become hugely popular with the public.

Tasali - Now providing millions of viewers in the UK & Egypt
regions an opportunity to remain connected to their
roots with easy access to the latest and most popular
Arabic language series and movies

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