With a vision to help the chiropractors and physicals therapists, we created the app for iPad platform. It becomes easier to document the patient visits by using the app. Spine Tech SOAP has built-in cameras to scan and upload the documents.

The osteopaths can dictate the notes and SpineTech will transcribe. The medical therapists can also access the notes at multiple clinics in different locations.

Body posture for viewing the pain sites in the patient's body.

  • 2 different types of login
  • X-Ray analysis Software - Spine Tech Pro
  • Sharing of data on multiple iPads
  • Place orders for online DC classes
  • SpineTech Pro analysis and report findings
  • Print or email notes directly from the iPad

Add the patient complaint and serve them better. The degree of severity of the problem can also be entered.

Get details about the pain sites in the body of a human. Evaluate the patient's health and help them get relief from the pain.

Keypad Image

The app is developed to save all the information about the patient's medical history and documents too.