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Professional Photo Editor Applications for Families

The client wanted us to build an app team photo editor application providing for innovative and professional photo experience for families minimizing exorbitant costs involved in hiring professionals. It was not just about cost, but also simplifying the process for organizations looking to hire photographers for their photoshoots. TeamPhoto takes mind blowing pictures as well as unlimited digital access.

The most advantageous part is that it is cost-effective compared to hiring other photo editor apps. With more than 200 backgrounds, as well as the option to insert text and edit the size, location, rotation, this app allows users to create custom photos.

Professional team photo editor app

Photo Booths

Seamlessly add a ton of features geared for fun whether it is school
events, sports tournaments, private parties, corporate events,
fundraisers, weddings, and more!

Mobile App with Photo Booths

Key Features

  • Store children’s sports photos, school photos, and more are on your account forever
  • Automated cloud storage system
  • Photo sharing facility via text, email, social media and more

Videography & Multi-Track Audio Recording

Single camera or multi-cam videography and professional audio recording services for stage shows, music concerts, live sports games, corporate events, weddings, fundraisers, and more!

Mobile App with Recording Services

Key Features

  • Cliens can select from a myriad of different features directly from the app
  • Services range from audio and video recording for stage shows, concerts, games etd
  • Internal feature to create an automatic booking


When you are using TeamPhoto your favourite live event can be streamed in high quality anywhere on the planet!

Photo Streaming App

Key Features

  • Friends, family, teammates or co-workers can join a live event through a link
  • Cloud-based system for large group members to enjoy events together
  • Remote participation through secured networks and closed groups

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