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Saudi Arabia


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Fintech, Transportation

Project Type

Managed Hire Project

Targeted Audience

Commuters, Tourists, Students, Urban Dwellers

Loop is a platform that combines e-wallet and taxi booking services to provide a seamless and frictionless financial experience for individuals and businesses. It also connects drivers and riders on demand to revolutionize the way people travel in Saudi Arabia.

Loop is a mobile app that streamlines the process of earning and spending money by providing all the functionalities on one platform, it also enables users to go cashless by providing features such as a smart chat system and taxi booking.

Business Problem

Our client wanted to be a part of the journey to digital transformation and to contribute towards the goal of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 by creating a one-stop solution for seamless digital payments and transfers, as well as quick and easy ride booking.

They approached Hidden Brains to help them achieve their vision and be a part of this digital transformation which will satisfy customers' quick travel needs and allow them to enjoy the digital world of Payments.

Business problem
Project Challenges

Project Challenges

  • Laws & Regulations: One of the challenges faced was ensuring compliance with various regulations related to payment transfers, taxi services, and data privacy, which is necessary due to the strict laws in Saudi Arabia.
  • Safety & Security: It was necessary to implement a safe and secure payment solution that adhered to all laws in Saudi Arabia.
  • Client's Expectation: The goal was to create a highly scalable and dynamic system for both taxi booking and payment processing that met the standards of top applications like Uber, Paypal, Stripe, etc.
  • Cross Services Integration: A challenge was that the payment transfer and taxi services needed to be tightly integrated with each other in order to provide a seamless experience for end users.
  • Global Team: One of the major challenges was coordinating and communicating with multiple teams located in different countries and time zones.

HB Solutions

  • Competitor Analysis to understand what other companies are offering in the market for payment transfer and taxi booking apps, and consider how to differentiate the application from others
  • Analysis & Static Prototype creation to gather requirements of the product, test ideas, and present concepts to stakeholders without actually building or implementing it.
  • Define Functional and Technical Requirements and features that the app will need, such as payment processing, GPS tracking, fare estimation and upfront pricing, rating, automatic tipping options, etc.
  • Development of Prototype of the app and test it with a small group of users on-field to gather feedback and make improvements
  • Monitor and Maintainenance the app to ensure that it is functioning properly and meeting the needs of the users, including making updates as needed.
Application Features
Application Features

Application Features


  • Mobile Payment

    Make instant secure mobile transfers to friends and family anytime, anywhere with a loop. How Simple! Their mobile number is all you need.

  • Local Transfers

    Transfer to local bank account using your unique IBAN & Receive money from local banks just by sharing your IBAN.

  • Staff Management

    You can easily add and manage your staff members with a few taps to start accepting payments.

  • QR Code Payment

    The simplest, quickest way to pay! With your LOOP Wallets, your merchant’s QR code is your digital ticket to a snappy purchase – no cash, no card, simply scan and you’re on your way.

  • Tap on Phone Payment

    Accept payments from any contactless card or mobile wallet right from your NFC-enabled device. You can take advantage of this on-the-go solution to enable quick and convenient payment options.

  • Sales Report & Analysis

    Bird's-eye View of your Business: With Loop Business, you get data-driven intelligent reports that provide you and your managers with a real-time image of your business. This feature allows you to take informed and calculated decisions every time and grow your business faster.

Application Features Local Transfers


  • Register as a driver and get verified instantly through
    the smart registration process.

  • Accept ride requests anytime and anywhere.

  • Use smart navigation to efficiently complete rides.

  • Get paid instantly as a driver through an e-wallet
    transaction after the ride.

  • Schedule rides in advance if desired.




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Node JS, Apache Kafka,

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iOS, Android, React JS


MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

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