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Hidden Brains

We provide enterprise grade Machine Learning solutions that understand your business prerequisites.

Hidden Brains offers the deepest and broadest set of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence consulting services, putting the power of machine learning in the hands of every developer, data scientist and expert practitioner. We are the pioneers in AI solution and implementation services. Hidden Brains is helping customers accelerate their machine learning and artificial intelligence journey.

Our AI support services provide ready-made intelligence for your applications and workflows. Artificial Intelligence software solutions easily integrate with your applications to address common use cases such as personalized recommendations, modernizing your contact center, improving safety and security, and increasing customer engagement.

Framework solutions

Choice of Flexibility With ML Frameworks

Choose from TensorFlow, PyTorch, ONNX, and other popular frameworks to experiment with and customize machine learning algorithms.

  • ML Frameworks
  • ML Platforms


TensorFlow comes with a full suite of visualization tools that make it easy to understand, debug, and optimize applications.


ONNX defines the format for the neural network's computational graph, as well as the format for an extensive list of operators used within the graph.


An open source machine learning framework that accelerates the path from research prototyping to production deployment. It is ‘production-ready’ and has a robust ecosystem.


Keras is an open-source neural-network library written in Python. It is capable of running on top of TensorFlow. Keras is an API designed for human beings, not machines.

Google AutoML

Cloud AutoML is a suite of machine learning products that enables developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high-quality models specific to their business needs.

AWS SageMaker

A fully managed service that provides every developer and data scientist with the ability to build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models quickly.

Azure ML

Our Azure Machine Learning consulting and deployment can be used for any kind of machine learning, from classical ML to deep learning, supervised, and unsupervised learning.


The perfect comprehensive toolkit for quickly developing applications and solutions that emulate human vision.

Intel DevCloud

We help you develop, test, and run your workloads for free on a cluster of the latest Intel® hardware and software.


Interactive dashboards and visualizations in real time to create visualizations in an effort to solve complex problems and track it. We analyze all the information regarding business and make definite data-driven decisions.


Our data & analytics expertise delivers business value to software companies trying to infuse data science within products, and to enterprises attempting to uncover data-driven decisions.


With statistical techniques from data mining, predictive modelling, and machine learning one can analyze historical data.


Experience in creating “Content Based Recommendation” and “Collaborative Recommendation Engine” to analyse historical data, user patterns and behavior to predict and make recommendations.


Forecasting approaches including qualitative models and quantitative models that help you gather significant insights.

Natural Language

Our NLP software solutions combine ML, AI, and advanced technologies to allow machines to read human language with products such as “FAQ Help Desk”, “ChatBot” and more.


With image processing libraries, we create custom convolutional neural network (CNN) models to provide highly scalable and robust deep learning solutions to our customers.


We collaborate with businesses to deploy their own personalized voice-based assistants to assist customers and keep them engaged.


We use sentimental Analysis to analyze sentiments and intent of customers and gather emails, social media queries, customer forms to derive important conclusions from that data.

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Our clients across the globe recognize our persistence to deliver industry-focused technology solutions, as well as our flexible processes.


Get all your questions answered before hiring the right resource

What is AI, and what are the goals of Artificial Intelligence solutions?
AI can be defined as the intelligence exhibited by machines, especially computer systems. In the past, AI has been used to refer to human intelligence displayed by computers. Artificial Intelligence Solutions are now being considered in a more general way: as an ability of machines to display intelligent behavior in various forms. AI is sometimes confused with machine learning, but these are really different disciplines.
What is machine learning, and how does it work?
Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. This means that instead of telling the computer exactly what to do, we tell it what we want it to achieve and then let it figure out how to get there. This can be incredibly useful because AI is able to work with huge amounts of data much more efficiently than humans could.
What are some features of strong AI systems?
Strong AI solutions are able to learn from their experiences, interact with people, and make decisions. Some features of strong AI systems include: 1) The ability to learn from their experiences 2) The ability to interact with people 3) The ability to make decisions on the behalf of humans; and 4) The tendency to not require a great deal of training in order for them to be capable.
How much does it cost to create an artificial intelligence app?
Just as with any other type of app, the cost for creating an AI app depends on a variety of factors. It's important to look at the entire picture, including how complex your idea is, what features you need from the AI, how many hours will be needed to complete the project, and how much you're willing to invest in the development process. It is difficult to give a good ballpark number for these types of projects without knowing project requirements. Contact the Hidden Brains team to discuss your Artificial learning & Machine learning solutions.
What are some possible applications of AI?
AI is being used in a wide range of applications, from healthcare to customer service. In the near future, it will be embedded into our vehicles, homes, and workplaces.
What can AI & ML do for my business?
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are powerful tools that can help your business make smarter decisions, leverage more data, and automate tedious tasks.
What are ML Frameworks you work on
At Hidden Brains, we work with a number of different machine learning frameworks including
  • Tensorflow
  • ONNX
  • Pytorch
  • Keras
  • Google AutoML
  • AWS SageMaker
  • Azure ML
  • OpenVino
  • Intel DevCloud

All of these frameworks have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are better for computer vision applications while others are better for natural language processing.

We find that the best way to decide which framework is best is to start by understanding your problem space as well as your engineering team's skillset.

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