Choose the delivery model that best suits your business needs

Our delivery models are aimed to provide clients with utmost flexibility, security and scalability to completely address their business needs and be rest assured to experience consistently high levels of quality.

Hidden Brains believes that different delivery models are a must in this dynamic changing business landscape where each organization has its own set of needs and working methodology.

Hidden Brains primarily focuses on integrating information technology and the latest trends with your business processes to enhance performance and returns. Our pragmatic approach, business-driven strategy and result-oriented solutions help you to leverage the latest technology for the benefit of your business through varied delivery models.

Offsite Delivery Model

This delivery mode is most ideal for projects where requirements aren’t clearly defined and may change during the course of development.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Hybrid delivery model is the amalgamation of onsite and offsite models. It offers the best of two models with benefits of optimum cost and fast turnaround time.

Global Delivery Model

Global delivery model is the best suitable one for clients that need constant interaction, real-time control and monitoring of the progress of project.

Offshore Delivery Model

Offshore delivery model provides cost-effective benefits to clients in need of extended team that can work in offshore development center to add value to their business.

Offsite / Offshore Delivery Model

Outsource the project to the nearest service provider and let clients control the development process to reap great benefits from offshore outsourcing.

Onsite Delivery Model

Onsite delivery model is perfect where the scope of the project is repetitive, open-ended and requires our skilled personnel to work on client’s premises in line with their in-house team.

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