We understand that each business has its own set of needs and so does its work methodology. Amidst varied business structures, different target markets and potential customers, your requirements are bound to differ. So, how can one delivery model serve every industry and business?

Hidden Brains primarily focuses on integrating information technology with your business processes to enhance performance and returns. It is possible only by employing business acumen amalgamated with technical expertise in a manner that is distinct and carefully thought to suit your specific needs. This necessitates different delivery models.

Our pragmatic approach, business-driven strategies, and outcome- driven solutions help you to leverage technology with your business through varied delivery models.

  • Onsite Delivery Model

    Bring our project experts directly on your site through On-Site delivery model. We will put our skilled personnel on your premises to work in line with your in-house team from inception to execution.

  • Offsite Delivery Model

    If you are looking for a service provider around the close vicinity of your office premises, avail our Offsite Delivery Model.This will result into mutual benefits since Hidden Brains, as the service provider will get a better understanding of your requirements.

  • Offshore Delivery Model

    Give your business the Hidden Brains edge with Offshore Delivery Model. Designed to suit your needs, our team of specialists are equipped with latest resources and exposure to the recent technologies and platforms.

  • Hybrid (Onsite/Offsite)Delivery Model

    Get the best of both worlds with Hidden Brains’ Onsite/Offsite Hybrid delivery model tailored to fit your business requirements. This is a unique model for the best possible combination of optimum cost and fast turnaround.

  • Offsite/Offshore Delivery Model

    One of the most successful and popular outsourcing delivery model is Offsite/Offshore delivery model. In this case, the service provider’s center will be located near to the client’s premises.

  • Global Delivery Model

    Global delivery model is perhaps the most suited one if you need constant interaction and monitoring of the process.

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