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- Repossess Vehicles on loan

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VArepo is an application owned by a company that helps banks to repossess vehicles from customers who have kept their vehicles as collateral for various loans.

UI & UX Design Web design Android APP Development R&D into the feature implementation and logics Core business logic definition for complex features

Business Problem

Concept of the project

The bank raises a request to repossess a vehicle of a customer.

The bank assigns an admin from their end to look after the entire process.

VArepo Admin raises the concern via their web panel, including the bank and the bank admin, and assigns this concern to a VArepo employee.

VArepo employees feed the details into the web panel with all documentation and information and assign it to the field agents.

The field agents will have a mobile application provided to them and when a concern is assigned to them, they will get all the details of the concerns on their mobile devices via the application.

The field agents then go to the respective address given in the application which was earlier input by the VArepo employees and see if the collateral vehicle described in the application matches with any car available in the mentioned address


If so they alert the VArepo employee via the application and towing agents tow away the vehicle and store it in their company repossession building

The bank/bank admin is notified and they collect the car after giving payment to the VArepo team


  • First in segment application

  • Many users associated with the

  • Needed to have a seamless flow of
    information from one user to another

  • Multiple application dependencies to
    complete a normal flow

  • No reference application

  • Huge internal function dependencies

  • Complex architecture

  • Customer Expectation

  • Market Approval and acceptance after launch

Hidden Brains Solution

  • Market Research

  • Feature Definition

  • Define well-versed and structured product architecture

  • Application and website design from the scratch

Hidden Brains Approach
  • UI Definition to incorporate all features

  • Resolving past issues

  • Bugs Resolution

Key Features

Web Panel

  • Create Assignments related to banks request
  • View Assignment details and associated stakeholders
  • View Documents associated with the selected assignment
  • Manage payment related to assignments
  • View reports/invoices raised for specific assignments
  • View the collateral and the user location in the Group map with data labels
  • Assign routes/assignments to field agents
  • View the updates given by the field agents for various assigned assignments
  • View storage inventory details of VArepo company (how many cars have been repossessed)
  • Get collateral details from the web panel with help of API (Plate number, VIN Number, vehicle photos)
varepo-feature-1-top-bar varepo-feature-1

Mobile Application

  • Get the mobile users to see the assignment details
  • View the collateral status and the location of the collateral in the Group map
  • Provide an update to the VArepo employee regarding the status of an assignment
  • Field users can click pictures of vehicles randomly and confirm with the VArepo employee if the vehicle in question has a pending collateral
  • If approved the field agent will receive money for the correct address identification
  • Create and generate various reports and send them to the WEB PANEL for a specific assignment
varepo-mobile-sec-img varepo-feature-2-rgt-img

Admin Panel

  • Manage all users within the entire system
  • Generate various reports
  • Get in touch with investors and assign payment
  • Track assignment progress via the admin panel

Results & Achievements

  • 100k+ Downloads
  • 4.4 Base Reviews Base Rating
  • 10000+ Active Customers
  • 5L+ Assignments





I love the flow of the system thus far, I can foresee
us doing great things together in the future.

Kareem Jennings Founder & CEO, Elite Conceptz & Solutionz