The Guaranty Trust
Holding Company PLC:

Mobile Banking App

How GT Bank, Nigeria through the discovery & analysis expertise
of Hidden Brains were able to build a prototype to test their Ideas,
resulted in avoiding a lot of rework and saving cost.

  • 1200

    Man hours of brainstorming

  • 1500

    Man hours of

  • 54

    APIs from 6 third-
    parties reviewed

  • 4

    POCs created for
    different modules


  • Client Name

    Guaranty Trust Bank Ltd.
    (GTCO PLC.)

  • Business

    Banking & Finance.
    Retail, Commercial
    & Corporate Banking

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The Guaranty Trust Holding Company PLC, also commonly referred to as the GTCO PLC is one of the most renowned banks in Africa. This multinational finances group offers several services starting from investment banking, pension management, asset management, and similar others. The company is headquartered in the Victoria Islands in Lagos.

  • ₦ 4.945TrillionAssets
  • 12k+Employment
  • ₦ 814.4BillionShareholder's Fund
  • Featured as subject of
    Harvard Business School Case studies

    Best Digital Bank in Nigeria

Services in

  • Cote D'IvoireCote D'Ivoire
  • GambiaGambia
  • NigeriaNigeria
  • GhanaGhana
  • LiberiaLiberia
  • KenyaKenya
  • RwandaRwanda
  • TanzaniaTanzania
  • UgandaUganda
  • SierraSierra Leone
  • UnitedUnited

Business Goal

The company has established a single and uniform platform to enmesh customers digitally
where they would not only be able to socially interact with each other, but also receive various
services like that of banking and e-commerce. They would also receive several relevant news
and information on this platform. Furthermore, this platform also aims to generate revenue for
several vendors and content providers by helping them market their products on this platform.

Business Goal


Olusina Ayegbusi (CIO, GT Bank)

Through new GT Connect application,
non-account holders of GT Bank Nigeria
can be directly reachable. Appending
other prominent service segments apart
from the basic banking features of the
application, attracts all age group the

Pain Areas

  • Issue of accessibility due to weak network connections in Nigeria.
  • Multiple platforms affect user experience
  • Complex marketing and advertising activities due to a non-uniform user base.

Hidden Brains Approach(Discovery & Analysis)

The first step involves the discovery phase of the solution. This involves understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and objectives followed by defining the starting point.

The second step involves identifying and developing a workflow plan. The workflow plan is then evaluated followed by defining a business model for the company.

The third step involves conducting an in-depth technical feasibility step that involves checking for the risks involved in the process, ensuring the technical solutions match business needs, and creating POC to ensure the creation of the best-suited business solutions.

  • Understanding theVision
  • Understanding theWhy
  • Defining theWhat
  • Defining theHow
  • Checking theViability
  • Deriving theWhen

This started with understanding the current IT infrastructure at GT bank followed by analyzing the existing software and applications to understand how they operate. This also helped in understanding the operations of each application.

The wireframes and prototypes of the company are created so that the user journey can be converted into a user experience on this platform. The architecture, modules, product designs, interfaces, and data used in the system so that the specified requirements can be satisfied.

The priority features of the company are identified and selected on the basis of business goals. The product roadmap has been prepared by considering the priority feature for the MVP.

Hidden Brains Solutions

Online multi-vendor marketplace

With an aim to enable buyers and sellers to connect and transact, the company has built a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platform design and development plan.

Online multi-vendor marketplace
  • Merchant onboarding and seller portal development.
  • Advanced shopping cards have been developed so that quick payments can be made.
  • Offering deals and loyalty programs solutions.
  • Tracking of customers" journey for easing the process of retail shopping.
  • Payment software solution.
  • Targeted advertising.
  • Logistics and shipment.

Providing utility bill payment system

Defining and designing Digital payment solutions to leverage the Electronic payment technology so that bill payments can be made conveniently bills from the bill payment application.

Leveraging payment software solution for merchants onboarding.

Bill generation through bill payment app

Providing utility bill payment system
  • Bill Payments through real-time payment solution
  • Bill sharing with friends & family
  • Scheduling payments
  • Split bills between users

Core Banking Solution

System design for developing the customer banking software solution which would enable to make digital payments for all the users and the entire section of GT bank services to the account holders.

Core Banking Solution
  • Enabling online and offline transfers using core banking software system.
  • Providing mobile Top-ups.
  • The facility of e-wallet and virtual cards.
  • Providing the option of requesting, replacing, and blocking cards through banking applications.
  • Offering loyalty programs.
  • Account opening.
  • Offering the option of QR payment by using hi-tech fintech solutions.
  • Personal financial management as well as loan management.
  • Enabling cardless withdrawals.
  • Management of insurance policies.

Digital creation & publishing platform

Designing solutions for the development of custom content publishing software platforms and providing various content-creating solutions. This would also help in engaging the platform users through the usage of digital marketing solutions.

Digital creation & publishing platform
  • Publisher onboarding through publishing app platform
  • Automatic content moderation via advanced publishing platform
  • Videos publishing & creation
  • Marketing & advertisements through custom advertising solution
  • Consumer interaction analytics & payments
  • Online/Offline audio/ video player
  • Audios &
  • Games
  • News &
  • Blog

Custom messaging app

Designing the custom messaging and chat application development which would help in building a community of visitors. This would be done mainly by increasing customer engagement and transaction processing.

Custom messaging ap
  • Contact management
  • one-to-one & Group messaging through the instant chat app solution
  • File sharing
  • Chatbot embedded into the instant messaging application
  • Messages using emoji, stickers, badges
  • Bill payments through real-time digital payment solution
  • Moments - available for 24 hrs.
  • Audio & video chat through the messenger app
  • Payments & transfers

Application store development

Planning to develop the custom app marketplace development for allowing the app developers in getting enterprise applications tested by the community before the app is being launched in the market.

Application store development
  • App approvals
  • App analytics
  • App private store
  • App reviews
  • Social community

Custom Website Builder

Providing technical design to help in developing free website builders and also developing custom website design solutions. The company would also provide IT infrastructure as a service to small businesses by using the no-code website development.

Custom Website Builder
  • Webpage and
    website builder.
  • Managing the webpage templates.
  • Hosting services
  • Providing subscription packages.
  • Managing storage space.


  • 1200

    Man hours of brainstorming

  • 1500

    Man hours of

  • 54

    APIs from 6 third-
    parties reviewed

  • 4

    POCs created for
    different modules

  • 7

    Applications Prototype
    built in 8 weeks

  • Offline application
    architecture defined

Technical Information

To complete the prototype of all applications in short period of time is like magic. Cannot imagine completing this in 8 weeks without the dedication & expertise of Hidden Brains team.

Edufon Japhet | Group Head, Business Solutions, GT Bank

Edufon Japhet (Group Head, Business Solutions, GT Bank)

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