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Smart Assist

Augmented reality remote assistance solution for seamless problem solving, support & collaboration.

Hidden Brains offers Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Solution that allows on-field technicians/workforce to receive support from a remote expert using Augmented Reality. This real-time remote assistance solution can assist businesses to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve productivity, and profitability while constantly increasing customer satisfaction value.

Whether it is providing technical support, product sales & support, setting up heavy machinery, conducting audits, or providing remote treatment, Hidden Brains’ augmented reality powered remote support solution has limitless possibilities.

Our augmented reality powered remote support solution can strengthen business value across industries ranging from manufacturing, automobile, pharma, insurance, FMCG, energy, and healthcare.

Hidden Brains Hidden Brains
Key Features of

Personal Assistant Tool

Our Augmented reality based remote support solution offers a suite of features to connect, collaborate, engage and resolve business pain areas.

  • Video Calling

    Interactive feature offering remote visual support solution where all calls are on a cloud-based video calling system. Enable customers to show the problem rather than telling.

  • AR Annotation

    Immersive feature allowing customer support or product support specialists to seamlessly draw on-screen, allowing for better collaboration with end-users to increase efficiency.

  • Call Recording

    Record calls and access historical support data for staff training and best-practice sharing. Get transcription, save important information of conversation without lifting a pen.

  • Conference Calling

    Connect with customer and product support specialists when solving a customer issue. Chat and take calls and use this online conferencing tool to schedule meetings and events.

  • Optimised Streaming

    Virtual Assistant automatically optimizes video resolution for high end results. With our smart assist solutions, simply forget about a broken conversation or poor connectivity.

  • Take and Save Photos

    Capture photos and save them to the call log for reference. Team members can communicate with others and share files, images, as well as get updates and feedback in real-time.

  • Content & Media Sharing

    Support specialists can share their screen with the user, providing specific information needed to fix the issue, in the form of video, documents, photos, or website links.

  • Geolocation

    Now always ensure seamless support for your users irrespective of location. Capture GPS location of caller for easier dispatching in case a field support specialist is required.


Web Based Solution

Get a complete range of features of our web-based visual support solution that works seamlessly on all devices, including iOS, Android, tablets, desktops, laptops, and more, eliminating the requirement to download any app needed by the customer or support specialist.


Cost Savings

Save costs associated to traveling by simplifying tasks related to customer service. Our remote assistant solution connects remote experts to on-field staff using augmented reality, improving efficiency and taking your business to the next level of success.


Reduce Technician Visit

No need for Technicians to visit on-site, connect directly to customers or stakeholders while sitting in the office and resolve complex issues. Remote assistance app provides access to information, bringing resolution of queries faster.


Customer Satisfaction

Guide customers to the best resolution. Deliver seamless handovers to live agents to create intelligent, consistent experiences that increase customer loyalty. With instant service and quick resolution, receive good feedback from customers.


Increase Efficiency

Know the problem before heading to the job site and assign appropriate resources to resolve. Remote assist software can help businesses handle repetitive queries so that technicians/staff can focus on more complex cases to improve efficiency.


Resolution Time

Provide resolution to technical glitches whenever and wherever your customers need the most in a quick & efficient manner. Deliver intuitive and personalized experiences across your different digital channels for seamless customer experience.


Increased Productivity

Stay focused on your core job and resolve IT issues with remote support software faster and increase productivity. Get trained network tech solve your IT issues with visual remote assistance & world-class IT support remote assist software.



Complete security and privacy when it comes to remote support software with Multi-factor authentication, encryption, and data anonymization as well as all industry-best security standards.


Pinpoint Area


Microphone Control


Camera Control




Video Recording




Full Screen


Streaming Quality


Zoom In/Out


Take Picture


On Screen Chat


Screen Sharing


Video Pause


Gallery Permission


Flash Light

Platforms & Integrations

Providing consistent experiences and addressing the unique needs of each and every platform.

Hidden Brains

Technology Platforms

Compatible with latest web & mobile platforms

  • Web

  • Mobile Based
    iOS / Android

Third party integration

Seamless integration to deliver better value to customers

  • Enterprise Resource
    Planning (ERP)

  • Customer Relationship
    Management (CRM)

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Industries We Serve

Our personal assistant solutions can help resolve industry-specific problems with the power of automation.

Use Cases

Want to build optimized experiences, increase sales, incident resolution, enhance workforce management, or increase customer lifetime value? Check use cases for Personal Assistant.

Incidents Resolution

Incidents Resolution

Facilitates real-time communication with experts to resolve incidents, provide training or support for maintenance tasks, improving response time.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Increased customer experience that ensures communication 24*7, as well as responding to customer needs in real time, increasing engagement levels.

Occupational Safety

Occupational Safety

Conduct verifications of working environment, conduct audits or accident investigation, ultimately reducing risk level & improving occupational safety.


Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

What is the remote assistance solution?
Augmented reality-based remote support software not only provides support to professionals and administrators, but teams also stay connected. It enables technicians to work more efficiently and reduces problem resolution time. It uses AR and video streaming to connect the contact area with the main office and the customer center or the field where the operation is performed. This provides remote help to solve any problem.
What are the different ways remote assistance app can be used?
Smart Assistance Solutions can be applied to a wide range of circumstances in different industries. Our remote visual assistance solution can be used effectively in many areas, including: Technical Support Product Maintenance Insurance Claim Telehealth / Telemedicine Warranty & Claim Audit & Inspection Technical Training Product Sales & Support
On which platform is Smart Assist - Remote Support available?
Our Smart Assist - Augmented Reality based Remote Support solution is available for Web-Based Application Mobile Based Application (iOS and Android)
Can your remote assistance software integrate with ERP and CRM?
Yes, with the Smart Assist CRM application, you can connect any CRM or ERP to an in-house/third-party application for a seamless work experience to improve productivity, improve data accuracy, faster communication with customers, and improve the company visibility.
Smart Assist: is AR remote assistance software safe?
Yes. Our Smart Assist solutions are fully secure and SOC 2 compliant and implement best practices in terms of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and data protection.

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