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Business Problem

The client wanted to solve the pain of long waits at hospitals for tests like ABPM, CGM, Sleep Study and Holter. His vision was a platform that allowed patients to schedule such tests at the comfort of their own homes. Additionally the aim of this project is also that they would be one of the very few companies to launch this service In India. The goal was to reduce the current pain, which is a long journey for a patient as below :

Patient takes appointment
of a clinic for a test

Arrives at the clinic and
gets registered

Makes Payment
for the test

Waits in the queue
for the test

Meets clinician to
review the records

Patient is directed to the right
department for the test

Waits for
getting tested

Waits 3-5 hours for the
test results after the test

Collects test

Meets clinician who
suggests expert doctor

Takes appointment
of expert doctor

Consults the doctor
and gets prescription

Key Features


View allotted appointments

Carry out installation/uninstallation of the medical device

Collect cash/online payment

Customer care

Book appointments for the patients

Smart algorithm to track technician availability for appointments


Upload readable format of the medical report

Assign report to specialist doctor to get expert opinion

View & provide an expert opinion based on the report


Set up and manage city-wide operations

Assign pin codes, devices, consumables to the technicians

Manage technicians' leaves and unavailability

Platform Owner

Manage all platform users

Manage device & consumables inventory

Manage public holidays

View system-wide reports and dashboards


Download report with expert opinion and initiate its dispatch

DTDC integration to manage the delivery of reports


Hidden Brains Journey: From Concept to Solution

Client Visits1

Hidden Brains left no leaf unturned to assure the product was conceptualized and understood in its entirety. This was achieved through weekly visits of the client to Hidden Brains premises to discuss and brainstorm all scenarios.

Analysis & Prototyping2

We used an iterative technique to create prototypes for each role level incorporating client feedback into each cycle. This was to explore the usability and problem space of the system from all perspectives.


Hidden Brains partnered with the client to not only procure the medical test devices as per technology needs but also recruit relevant medical technician.


We adopted a biweekly sprint plan prioritizing roles based on the clients' vision for roll out of the application. After every sprint we arranged a demo for the client at the Hidden Brains premises.

Pilot 5

A pilot was carried out with 10 patients and 2 medical technicians to ensure the solution does what it is intended to do, and some iterations were carried out based on the pilot run results to ensure there is a perfect platform that is launched in the market.

Delivery 6

After multiple rounds of discussions, demonstrations, review & feedback sessions, we successfully completed the platform development and were ready for launch during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Multiple user roles with varied responsibilities and use cases across the system

Complex algorithm to verify conditions necessary for conducting the medical test

Managing QAT with such intricate dependencies was particularly challenging

Integration of PayTM PoS without available PoS device during Covid-19 pandemic

Coordination with multiple stakeholders to verify features and functionality

No benchmark due to one of it's kind solution

Integration of multiple medical test devices

Large data handling on mobile Apps side


A robust system that enables easy booking of device based tests was built with scalability and flexibility in mind.

Reduction in lengthy process as identified as a business problem

Central database of patient records available at fingertips

Cost saving for the patients

Ease of access of medical records by doctors

Increase in frequency of tests by the patients

Useful for patients with disability & older patients

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