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Transport & Logistics App Development Solutions

Comprehensive technology solutions to increase real-time visibility, optimize processes, improve productivity and meet delivery benchmarks.

Transport Management Solution

Help businesses manage, plan and optimize the physical movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing as well as compliance.

Process Received Orders

Received orders to send inventory to centre, including a tracking number for each shipment.

Route Optimization

Planning & Optimization of Routes and Carriers minimizing the total delivery time.

Track Shipments in real-time

Get complete real-time updates of shipments and track its delivery.

Billing & Invoicing Tools

Create invoices and accept online payments to narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors.

Process Payments and Generate Reports

This module enables users to process payments and create detailed reports.

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Supply Chain Management

Management of supply chain activities to generate values for customers and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Receive & Process Orders

Process of receiving, tracking, and fulfilling customer orders.

Real-time notifications

Get timely information on all supply chain activities and keep stakeholders informed about changes.

Inventory Management

Inventory management system to track goods across your business's supply chain.

Track Outbound Transportation

Complete tracking of outbound transportation in Real Time.

Order Forecasting

Optimize the process of predicting demand and orders to manage purchase orders and better inventory management.

Personalized Dashboard

Interactive and intelligent dashboards to track inventory levels, logistics management, and warehouse operations.

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Fleet Management

Fleet management applications to monitor and manage the performance of commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, specialist vehicles & trailers.

Route Planning

Complete route optimization and planning solution to save hours of manual routing and planning time.

Track Vehicles with GPS

Monitor vehicle speed, idling and routes to improve driver productivity, streamline operations, enhance customer service and lower costs.

Live Alerts

Get alerts for speed, idle time, geo-fencing & tracking.

Track Fleet Performance

Manage fleet and make informed decisions based on vehicle patterns and events.

Vehicle Maintenance

Complete oversight of vehicle maintenance & schedule the appointment to ensure the overall health of your assets.

Fuel Management

Software solutions to control fuel consumption, analyze patterns and track fuel transactions and inventory.

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Warehouse Management

Inbound and outbound logistics in the field of supply chain management to increase the reliability of distribution networks, as well as reduce transport and storage costs.

Quality Control

Ensure quality control of products by planning, controlling, and managing storage operations in a warehouse.

Inventory Tracking

Improve warehouse pperations with the right inventory tracking system.

Floor Management & Reck Management

Floor Inventory Management to record all movements of stock, from receipt, inspection, transfers and issuance on the floor.

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Courier Delivery

Software solutions for domestic and international courier services to manage package delivery services.


Fare calculator to provide estimated time and cost of delivery based on the location, destination and services.

Route Optimization

Improve routes and schedules for any type of delivery or service call to reduce time on travelling and cost.

Status Monitoring

Get real-time Shipment tracking updates & Status Monitoring.

Reporting and Billing Tools

Advanced Reporting & billing tool to generate custom reports and graphs.

User Feedback

Option to share a review, feedback and rating based on experience.

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Client Testimonials

Our persistence to deliver world-class transport & logistics IT solutions, as well as our processes are recognized by our clients across the globe.

Client Testimonials

Our clients across the globe recognize our persistence to deliver industry-focused technology solutions, as well as our flexible processes.


Get all your questions answered before hiring the right resource

Why choose Hidden Brains for transport and logistics IT solutions?
Hidden Brains is a leading enterprise software & IT consulting company, offering a track of success. We have delivered 5000+ IT projects across diverse industries serving 2400+ clients. Our team of experts understand your business requirements and develop solutions to overcome roadblocks. If you would like to develop transport and logistics IT solutions tailored to your requirements, please contact our team for a consultation session.
What are the benefits of using transport and logistics IT solutions?
Transport and logistics companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to technology to solve their most pressing operational challenges. Whether you are trying to keep up with the pace of global e-commerce, optimize supply chains, or collect data for predictive analytics, Hidden Brains can provide transport and logistics IT solutions based on your varying needs. Some benefits of partnering with Hidden Brains for custom transport and logistics IT solutions include:
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved decision-making
  • Streamlined processes
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Decreased waste
What are the most common features of transport and logistics IT solutions?
Many transport and logistics IT solutions offer the same basic features. Here are some of the more common features that you may find:
  • Ease of inventory management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Asset management
  • Fuel efficiency software
How can I find the right transport and logistics IT solution for my business?
Transport & Logistics IT Solutions can be complex, especially when it comes to finding solutions that not only meet your business needs now but also are scalable as your business expands.

Here are questions to ask before moving ahead with transport and logistics IT solutions.

1. Which technologies does my business need?2. What can I use to track goods in transit?3. What should I consider when designing and implementing a new system?4. How do I choose the best software solution for my needs and budget?5. How do I find the right supplier to meet my needs?6. Who will help me implement a new system once it is chosen, and what are the costs associated with that service?
How much do transport and logistics IT solutions cost?
The cost of your transport and logistics IT solutions will depend on the size and complexity of your business. Contact the Hidden Brains team to discuss your Transport & Logistics App Development Solutions. We will be happy to provide you one-on-one consultation.
What are some common implementation challenges with transport and logistics IT solutions?
The challenges of implementing transport and logistics IT solutions are often underestimated, and companies need to be aware of the possible difficulties before they can make an informed decision about what solution is best for them. It's important that companies understand the ways in which business will change as a result of implementing Transport & Logistics IT Solutions, and what they'll need to do in order to prepare for those changes.
  • Unintegrated transport and logistics operations
  • Heavy influx of data
  • Lack of resiliency and process automation
  • Dependence on legacy systems
  • Lack of mobility management
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