Logistics Management System

Hidden Brains offers high-end technology solutions for logistics, warehousing and distribution service providers across the globe driving real-time visibility, optimize processes, improving productivity and meeting delivery benchmarks.

Our domain expertise helps us seamlessly integrate complex transportation management and process systems. The logistics industry is expanding operations to meet the demands of the global logistics supply chain.

Our solutions often help multiple logistics partners pull together on to one common management platform, resulting in reduced costs and complexity. It is constantly evolving in its endeavor to maximize revenues, increase profitability and improve operational efficiencies.

We have helped several leading transport and logistics companies improve operational excellence and realize growth.

Mobility Solutions

Fix the service level, add flexibility, and build a sustainable supply chain with impeccable mobility solutions

Big Data

Big data analytics solutions to transform the logistics industry by offering greater reliability, control and transparency.


Connecting all devices across a centralized cloud network and capture and share mission-critical data gaining real-time visibility of operations.

Our Solutions

Fleet and Driver Management

Fleet and driver management applications to monitor and mange driver trips as well as performance of commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, specialist vehicles & trailers.

Transportation Management

Tools and applications to consolidate and manage transportation spend relating to freight, shipping, and logistics.

Warehousing & Distribution

Technology solutions for warehousing and distribution services that are just management solutions and make those solutions.

Cargo Management Systems

Comprehensive cargo management system providing complete control over the process through all stages.

Vehicle Tracking Apps

Track your vehicles and workforce smarter with your smartphone. Smartphone based GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management.

Real-time Planning of vehicles

Vehicle tracking system combining collection of fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

Consignment Tracking Modules

Consignment tracking module providing a combination of RF mobile scanning devices and desktop applications.

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