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Healthcare technology is advancing at a monumental pace and several organizations are advancing quickly to solve challenges related to technology. Hidden Brains is helping the healthcare industry make the paradigm shift with a new frontier for technology solutions aimed at effective patient care and consultation.

Our telehealth app development services provide a solution to both doctors and patients for scheduling an appointment online and connecting virtually through a video call in a secured way. This telemedicine app development solution replaces the conventional appointment booking process and eliminates waiting in a long queue at doctor’s clinics.

Hidden Brains, a leading telemedicine app development company offers a comprehensive appointment booking application that assists Patients and Doctors in eliminating real-life challenges and connecting online. Our telehealth software systems are ideal for treating people with minor medical concerns. During COVID-19, the telemedicine mobile app allows maintaining physical distance from those who are infected with symptoms of CoronaVirus and provides virtual care for patients with other medical conditions requiring consultation.

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Key Features of Telemedicine
App Development Solution

Doctor Profile

  • Search and lookup for doctors using specialty.
  • View doctor's profile information like education qualification, experience, location, and ratings & reviews.
  • Patients can view the doctor's schedule in terms of available sessions and booked sessions for current days and upcoming days.
  • Doctor can manage his schedule and session time duration from his application.
Telemedicine App Development Features

Schedule Real-time Appointment

  • Setting up real-time appointments with doctors by checking their schedule and eliminating lengthy queues at hospitals for an appointment
  • Schedule an appointment for himself or Family members by adding appointment purpose and other required information.
  • Make appointment payment using credit/debit card.
  • Add Family members to book appointments on behalf of them.
Telemedicine Software Development Features

Online Doctor Consultation & Instant Chat

  • Using the latest WebRTC technology, Doctors and patients would connect virtually through video calls.
  • Switch Camera and Mute Audio: Switch mobile front and back cameras in between the video call as well as mute the audio.
  • During the video call, both Doctor and the Patient can do one-to-one chat with each other. They can send and receive texts, videos, and images.
Telemedicine System Development Features

Appointment History

  • Get the details of past appointments and upcoming appointments with documents shared for respective appointments.
  • Doctors can add medical notes any time which will be reflected under appointment details.
  • View MRI Records, Chat history and files exchanged between doctors and patients.
  • Each record will have a date and time stamp of information exchange.
  • Patient and Doctor will receive notification for an upcoming appointment with an appointment schedule.
Telemedicine Platform Development Features

Schedule Management

  • Telemedicine app allows the doctor to manage schedules to ensure effective time management.
  • Check the availability for Morning sessions and Afternoon sessions manually for upcoming days.
  • Availability will be reflected in the Doctor's profile for patients.
  • Based on the doctor's availability, the patient can schedule an appointment.
Telehealth App Development Features

Technologies Used for Telemedicine App Development

Technologies used in Telehealth software solution have evolved with time, experience with us.

FAQs for TeleMedicine App Development

Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

What is Telemedicine Software?

Telemedicine system is the delivery of healthcare services and health care related information using latest technology that can allow for communication between patients and healthcare providers and even they can exchange information to provide better access to healthcare services.

What is the difference between Telemedicine and Telehealth?
While telemedicine refers specifically to remote clinical services, Telehealth can refer to remote non-clinical services, such as provider training, administrative meetings, and continuing medical education, in addition to clinical services.
Is Telemedicine software solutions secure?
Yes, our Telemedicine app development solution provides an encrypted platform for Patients and Doctors to get connected with each other and share appointment details.
What benefits will patients get through Telemedicine Application?
Using our telemedicine app development solution, patients will get plenty of benefits such as simplified access, eliminate travel time, can be seen/treated from anywhere and easy scheduling for virtual consultation
What will be the development turn around time of this Telemedicine Software?
Our telemedicine software development services is a whitelabel solution offering quick time to market. However, we can discuss your requirements to give you an exact timeline.

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