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Gas Stations Solutions

Smart Fuel Station Solution

Fueling your fleet is essential for the safety of you and your drivers. Hidden Brains provides smart station solutions that connect remote chains of gas stations, making it easy to know the real-time status of each one.

You can monitor fuel transactions via a digital dashboard to ensure accuracy in filling up tanks while ensuring you're never too low on inventory or outstretched with funds.

There’s no need for petrol coupons or other paper-based methods because we replace them with digital technology. A computerized system replaces older methods of tracking transactions like paper coupons or checks so they'll always be accurate when compiling reports. With powerful analytics tools, Hidden brains tracks all levels of the supply chain whether its fuel to ensure there is no storage at the gas station!

Key Features of

Smart Gas Solutions

Hidden Brains offers intelligent solutions for fuel stations that provide real-time overviews of inventories, equipment status, and vehicle location.

  • Auto Dispensing

    This feature in Hidden Brains smart station solutions gives customers the option to pump their own gas while eliminating any need for an attendant to do so.

  • Reconciliation

    Hidden Brains' solutions for gas station owners are useful as they provide a centralized way of managing return reconciliations. This means it is easy to make sure processes are streamlined.

  • Offline Support

    With the Offline Sync Feature of Hidden Brains' Smart Station Solution, you can synchronize your changes in offline mode and make sure they are uploaded to your data repository.

  • Smart Reporting

    Get up-to-date reports and updates informing you of what items are being used and how much product has been ordered from your company. You can receive emails, texts, or app notifications.

  • Centralized System

    The centralized dashboard cleverly shows how much you need to purchase or restock, ensuring that there is always enough supplies for the customer at all your gas station outlets.

  • Smart Alerts

    Real Time alerts and notifications to gas station owners, allowing them to stay on top of inventory and have an idea on what may need improvement in the gas station.

  • Multiple Station

    With this smart station solution, access relevant information such as traffic data to know when it's time for a refill or refueling; also, there are features to keep tabs on your inventory level.

  • Employee Mgmt

    When managers log in to the station, they can view who is working at that moment and what needs to be done so everything runs smoothly at operational level.

  • Auto Sync Cloud Architecture

    Option to store data in the cloud which allows gas station owners and stakeholders to access data from any location, on any device, through software or an application.



Manage thresholds for an alert and understanding of order, along with several functions such as managing users, inventory management and multi station management to increase operational efficiency.



Our dynamic solution allows to keep tabs on your gas stations and their inventories. Get up-to-date information about any happenings at those locations so you can monitor the situation from anywhere.



Our smart inventory management system helps make purchasing decisions easier by optimizing your inventory levels so you can concentrate on other aspects of running your business.



Keep track of all of your orders from beginning to end. This includes customer billing and shipment information, which can optimize ordering processes for cost reductions and improved operations.



Features to eliminate manual and paper processes to improve accuracy. Automatically paying for fuel with an eInvoice generated at the point of purchase will eliminate paper receipts.



Get actionable insights from new tools and data to better understand your customers, buying trends, behavior patterns and increase transparency across all departments.



Advanced data analytics to assist in dispensing precise projections for optimal refill time. This saves time and money for businesses, contributing to significant operational efficiencies.


Liquid and Good Inventory

Gain understanding of various things like inventories, dispensing and refills with intuitive view and dashboard to see what's happening at each location.

Panoramic View of Connected Infrasturcture

Hidden Brains Smart Station connects various business infrastructure & enable them to create a secure ecosystem.

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Seamless integration to ensure effective performance across different platforms.

Hidden Brains

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Get answers to all your questions about Hidden Brains Automated Smart Gas Solutions.

What are the problems associated with traditional gas stations?
Traditional gas stations have serious drawbacks that make them less than ideal. Managers, employees, and customers all experience frustrations because of the inefficiencies of the system. This results in higher prices at the pump (not very convenient for busy people), long lines at the pump, and difficulty with inventory management - making it difficult to see what products are available for purchase due to poor presentation.
Why does a smart station solution help my business?
A smart gas station solution can help gas station owners with tasks like inventory management, compliance, automation and more. But ensure they're the right fit for your needs.
How does Hidden Brains gas filling solutions help business owners/gas station owners?
Hidden Brains offers the perfect gas station solution that helps business owners to keep a close tracking on how much fuel is being consumed, where people are stopping, and even manage our employees while they pump.
How many locations of fuel stations can be monitored simultaneously?

Hidden Brains' smart gas station management systems provide retailers with a way to control all aspects of their operation, including real-time monitoring through cloud-based software systems.

Hidden Brains offers the best features available for both small and large retail networks - all without the need for expensive hardware or installation fees!

Is your gas station solution secure?
Yes. All of our gas station software comes with industry-leading security practices which are designed to keep you at the forefront of your area's safety needs. We take security seriously, and have created a system which has that in mind from start to finish - so we can keep you safe for years to come.

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