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Targeted Audience

E-Commerce Stores

Project Type

Managed Hire Project

SwiftShip Global is a software as a service platform (SaaS) that allows businesses to easily offer international shipping options to their customers through integration with their e-commerce store. It requires minimal setup and can be easily integrated into existing e-commerce websites.

Customers shopping on the seller's website can use the global checkout feature to have their orders delivered to any location they choose and make payments in their preferred currency.

Business Problem

For any regional mid/small e-commerce store it was very important to be able to ship to broader customer base worldwide to grow their sales and at the same time they want to provide a seamless buying experience where customer can checkout and make payment in their local currency.

SwiftShip Global fills this gap between the seller and customers by providing a small size plugin for e-commerce store (seller). This plugin will give them ability to ship to 200+ countries and serve a largest customer base with a very low shipping fees.

Business Problem

Project Challenges

Project Challenges
  • Determining shipping eligibility for international transportation
  • Managing budget and time constraints for international shipping
  • Calculating country-specific taxes and duties
  • Providing coverage for fraud in international transactions
  • Handling large and complex shipping architecture
  • Synchronizing orders across various e-commerce stores.

HB Approach

  • The team began by analyzing the client's vision and then moved into a Discovery & Analysis phase to understand the client's needs and goals.
  • We have conducted extensive research and development on various payment gateway options available in different regions and performed feasibility tests for integration with the system. This led to the creation of a plug-and-play Payment Gateway module that could integrate with several major payment gateways.
  • Hidden Brains implemented multiple security layers to prevent fraud and also managed and maintained all the necessary infrastructure and servers for the client.
  • Hidden Brains also did a market research and analysis on the presence and growth of top e-commerce stores and checked the feasibility of the ideated solution. Based on this research they suggested the client to start with Shopify and WooCommerce during the first phase of development.
  • The client's vision was to add more e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, and shipping partners in future. To address this vision, Hidden Brains proposed to go with Microservice based 3-tier architecture for the solution that would be easy to scale and maintain.
  • The system was also implemented with restrictions on products based on HS code data, category, price, and quantity as per the country's rules.

Application Features

The team at Hidden Brains developed a shipping and payment aggregator solution that makes it easy for businesses to offer international shipping options to their customers. The application is designed to streamline the process of shipping products internationally and enables businesses to expand their customer base by shipping to more than 200 countries.

  • Product eligibility check: Upon completion of the onboarding process, sellers will have access to the product eligibility check for international shipping and necessary information to make the products eligible for shipping.

  • Global Checkout Button: A key feature is the Global Checkout button, which is added to the seller's cart checkout page as an option. This allows customers to have their orders delivered to any location they choose and make payments in their preferred currency, simplifying the checkout process.

  • Order Management: The seller will have access to all the orders placed through the Global Checkout option on their Seller Panel interface, the same will be visible on their e-commerce store admin section. They will be able to update the order status from the seller panel.

  • Order Delivery Management: Additionally, seller can select the preferred delivery date and time, and can generate shipping labels and commercial invoices for packages.

  • Auto Payout: Sellers will benefit from our automatic payout feature, where they will receive their earnings for an order as soon as it is marked as delivered, ensuring prompt and hassle-free payment.



Result Outcome


Payment Gateway Integrations


Shipping Countries


Local Currency Payment Options

Technology Stack

Back End


Front End

Angular 10



Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon EC2, RDS, S3

Prototype Tools

Axure RP

Design Tools

Adobe XD


Shopify Plugin, WordPress Plugin, DHL APIs for Shipment Booking, Shipment Price, Shipment Tracking

Security Standards

Data Validations, Authentication, Authorization, Provisioning & reports, Sensitive data encryption

Queue Management


Diagraming Tools

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