A Logistics RevolutionHow DeliverAny partnered with Hidden Brains to

Solve Freight
Movement Challenges

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  • 25% increase in monthly orders
  • 20% improved delivery time
  • 15% reduced fuel consumptions
  • 20% reduction in operational costs
Nigeria's dynamic logistics landscape presented a myriad of challenges

urging industry players to seek innovative solutions for seamless and efficient operations. DeliverAny, a prominent player in the Nigerian logistics sector, faced significant hurdles that prompted the need for a transformative logistics marketplace solution.

The absence of a Unified Logistics Platform created a market gap in the country

A solution was needed that would make the life easier for the stakeholders (Logistics companies, Carriers, Drivers, Cargo Owners, Suppliers) of the complete logistics ecosystem.

Business ProblemsBusiness Solution Icon

Comprehensive development services

Streamlining logistics operations by eliminating fragmentation and disjointed processes for enhanced efficiency.

Lack of real-time visibility

Bridging the visibility gap with real-time tracking, ensuring transparency and control over the entire logistics chain.

Inefficient route planning

Enhancing logistics efficiency through intelligent route planning, reducing transit times and improving delivery schedules.

Ineffective demand forecasting

Solving through precise AI-driven demand forecasting, ensuring resources are aligned with dynamic market needs.

Manual & inefficient processes

Implementing automation to enhance speed, accuracy, and overall operational efficiency into the logistics chain.

Limited technology adoption

Unlocking new possibilities through setting benchmarks for logistics excellence in the country.

Lack of data driven insights

Producing actionable insights in order to optimize logistics operations through informed decision-making.

Resource Inefficiencies

Address resource inefficiencies by introducing relevant technology, optimizing workforce management, and resource allocation.

Lack of communication channels

Establish seamless communication channels among logistics stakeholders, fostering collaboration and improving information flow.

Inability to meet diverse stakeholder needs

Tailoring logistics solutions to meet the diverse needs of stakeholders, creating a versatile platform that adapts to unique requirements.

Value Additions

Market Research

To integrate cutting-edge logistics technology trends into DeliverAny for a competitive edge.

Competitor Analysis

Implemented innovative logistics technology features, ensuring a strategic advantage.

Tailor made logistics solution

Crafted a tailored solution for DeliverAny, incorporating RFID tracking, real-time analytics, and dynamic routing.


Through microservices architecture, to scale seamlessly, utilizing containerization and Kubernetes for efficient logistics technology-driven expansion.

User-Centric Interface

Ensuring efficient logistics workflow catering needs of stakeholders i.e. Logistics companies, Carriers, Drivers, Cargo Owners, Suppliers.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

AI-driven predictive analytics optimizing demand forecasting, predictive maintenance, and route planning for smarter logistics operations.


Utilizing RPA and IoT, to automates logistics workflows, including order processing, inventory management, and last-mile delivery, enhancing operational efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision Support

Through a robust BI system, providing data-driven insights into logistics operations, enhancing decision support and performance analysis.

Comprehensive Stakeholder Training

Ensuring seamless adoption and utilization of the logistics marketplace platform.


Challenges Image

Variable Internet

Dealing with variable internet availability in certain parts of Nigeria.


Obtaining and maintaining accurate geospatial data for precise logistics planning and real-time tracking.

Payment Gateway

Navigating the scarcity of reliable payment gateways in Nigeria.

Instant Money Transfer

Implementing instant money transfer with AfricaTalking APIs.

Security Protocols

Maintaining security protocols for all monetary transactions.

Challenges Image
Challenges Image
Challenges Image

User Adoption

Promoting technology adoption in a region with limited tech exposure.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating through and adhering to diverse regulatory frameworks.

Data Privacy Concerns

Addressing data privacy concerns in the logistics industry.

Key Features

Bid and Order

Efficiently manage cargo requests and bids, track and oversee quotes & orders seamlessly.

Wallet Integration for
Easy Payments

Quick and secure invoicing & in-app payments with an integrated wallet system.

AI-Powered Route

Efficient route planning and optimization through AI algorithms for normal & last-mile deliveries.

Keyfeatures Image

Integrated Asset and Human Resource Management

Streamlined management of both vehicular and human resources within the app.

Real-Time Shipment Tracking and Automation

Utilize advanced technologies like IoT, Geo-Fencing, and Automated Matching for precise shipment/freight tracking and automation.

Integrated Insurance

Safeguard cargo with in-app insurance, ensuring secure transportation.

Keyfeatures Image

Carrier & Verification Partner Onboarding

Simple onboarding for partners, enabling additional income through the verification of logistics company assets.

Document Management and Compliance

Seamless handling of documents and adherence to transportation regulations.

Keyfeatures Image


Integration with ERP and CRM systems for comprehensive logistics management.

Dashboard and
Predictive Analytics

Advanced analytics, including geospatial data analysis, predictive shipment analytics, and dynamic pricing algorithms.

Technology Stack

  • JavaScript (ReactJS, Redux)JavaScript
    (ReactJS, Redux)
  • Kotlin (Android)Kotlin
  • Swift (iOS)Swift
  • PHP (Laravel Framework)PHP
    (Laravel Framework)
  • RESTful API architectureRESTful
    API architecture
  • Firebase Realtime Database (NoSQL DB) for real-time data syncFirebase Realtime Database
    (NoSQL DB) for real-time
    data sync
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)Amazon Web Services
  • AWS EC2 InstancesAWS EC2
  • Amazon RDSAmazon
  • Amazon S3Amazon S3
  • DockerDocker
  • KubernetesKubernetes
  • Terraform(IaC)Terraform(IaC)
  • GrafanaGrafana
  • FlutterwaveFlutterwave
  • AfricaTalking (USSD)AfricaTalking (USSD)
  • Google MapsGoogle Maps
  • Google FirebaseGoogle Firebase
  • Selenium for webSelenium for web
  • Appium for mobileAppium for mobile
  • Jenkins (CI/CD pipeline)Jenkins (CI/CD pipeline)
  • Apache JMeterApache JMeter
  • ScrumScrum
  • SlackSlack
  • Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams
  • FigmaFigma
  • Axure RPAxure RP
  • GitLabGitLab
Testimonial Image

They have successfully built a logistics marketplace solution that fits our business goals and will be a game changer in the Nigeria Market. Hidden Brains team has added great value to the project with data transparency, mobility, process automation and more. The project outcome significantly improved overall customer satisfaction, process flow and turnaround time.

Abdulaziz Uba DangoteDirector IT, MRS Holdings Ltd. , Nigeria


Lessons Learnt Interoperability

Geospatial Accuracy

Ealing with geospatial accuracy challenges highlighted the significance of investing in regular updates and maintenance of geographical data sources for precise logistics planning.

Lessons Learnt Interoperability

Variable Internet

Adapting to challenges posed by variable internet availability, we learned the importance of developing robust offline functionalities to ensure continuous system usability.

Payment Gateway

Navigating the scarcity of reliable payment gateways emphasized the need for strategic partnerships and alternative payment solutions to ensure seamless financial transactions.

Instant Money Transfer

Implementing instant money transfer via AfricaTalking APIs taught us the value of integrating with regional APIs for streamlined and efficient financial transactions.

User Adoption

Encouraging technology adoption in regions with limited tech exposure reinforced the need for comprehensive user education programs and intuitive interfaces to facilitate smoother onboarding.

Lessons Learnt Interoperability

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating through diverse regulatory frameworks emphasized the importance of staying abreast of local regulations and proactively incorporating compliance measures into our solutions.

Lessons Learnt Interoperability

Data Privacy Concerns

Addressing data privacy concerns in the logistics industry highlighted the critical role of implementing stringent data protection measures and transparent privacy policies.

Future Plans


Continuous refinement and enhancement of our AI algorithms for route optimization, demand forecasting, and predictive analytics to provide even more accurate and efficient logistics solutions.

AI Refinement


We aim to forge strategic partnerships with local businesses, payment gateways, and technology providers to strengthen our logistics ecosystem and offer a more comprehensive range of services.

Partnership Development

Technology Stack

Regular upgradation of our technology stack to incorporate the latest advancements, ensuring that our logistics marketplace remains at the forefront of innovation.

Technology Stack Upgradation


Actively seeking and implementing feedback from stakeholders to improve and evolve the platform based on the evolving needs of the logistics industry in Nigeria.

Feedback Implementation

Diversification of

Exploring the diversification of logistics services offered on the platform, including last-mile delivery solutions, inventory management, and warehouse optimization.

Diversification of Services

Continuous User

Ongoing user training programs to ensure that all stakeholders, including logistics companies, carriers, drivers, cargo owners, and suppliers, are well-versed in utilizing the platform's capabilities for maximum efficiency.

Continuous User Training

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