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Custom Software Development For Oil & Gas Industry

Technology Solutions For Top Oil, Gas & Energy Companies By Software Development & IT Services Company- Hidden Brains

Trading & Risk Management

Our Energy Trading and Risk Management solutions allow traders to streamline trading operations, manage risks and maximize margins by aligning systems, processes, and data.

Back Office Support

Complete front to back-office support for energy traders to maximize margin.

Risk Management & Analytics

Help organizations, oil and gas traders, and energy suppliers to overcome such risk.

Compliance & Reporting

Consolidate multiple tasks like scheduling, invoicing, settlements related to reporting and management.


Automate tasks to reduce costly errors and eliminate manual processes to increase efficiency.

Trades & Contract

Integrated system to allow data exchanges among trade floor, operations, credit, contract and accounting functions

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DownStream Operations Management

Oil and gas software to manage acquisition, supply, transportation, and distribution and simplify complex processes.

Customer Portal

Enhance communication with a customer activity website that allows internal and external users to manage all transportation needs and provides reporting tools.

Contract and Deal Management

Gain control over contractual obligations and related business operations.

Contract Management Systems

We program document and contract management systems to consolidate document sources to allow for collaboration.

Transportation Management

Optimize distribution, maintain regulatory compliance, and easily manage customer choice programs through real-time data access.


Generate custom reports to view, analyse and present key operational data to manage workflow and maximize revenue.

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Terminal Automation System

Complete monitoring, control & management of entire product handling process, right from receiving to storage.

Report & Monitoring

Centralize command of terminals with monitoring, reporting, and security technology to help reduce risks and meet regulations.

Contract Administration

Management of customer contracts including terms, segments, charges, and documents.

Order Management

Comprehensive application to manage inventory movements and the approval workflow cycle.

Commercial Management

Enhance revenue with order-to-cash cycles and greater visibility into inventory and schedules.

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Supply & Distribution Management

Oil and Gas Supply chain and management tools for detailed comparisons, alternative, as well as manage the entire supply chain from exploration to distribution.

Inventory Management

Manage the availability of raw materials, stocked goods or spare parts.

Order Management

Automate purchase order processes, generating and tracking orders, scheduling of supplier deliveries, and creating pricing configurations.

Logistics and shipping

Coordinate transportation channels, improving delivery performance.

Warehouse Management

Help with storage optimisation, labelling, labour management and more.


Anticipate customer demand and plann procurement and production processes accordingly.

Return Management

Inspection and handling of damaged or faulty goods, and refunds processing or claims.

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Client Testimonials

Our clients across the globe recognize our persistence to deliver industry-focused technology solutions, as well as our flexible processes.


Get all your questions answered before hiring the right resource

What are some of the most popular oil and gas technology solutions ?
Oil and gas technology solutions can help you to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve safety. Here are some of the most popular oil and gas technology solutions.
  • Trading & Risk Management
  • DownStream Operations Management
  • Terminal Automation System
  • Supply & Distribution Management
Are there any oil or gas technology solutions that I should avoid? What if I'm not sure what my company needs?
Some types of oil or gas technology may not be appropriate for your company's needs. These would include anything that is high-risk, low-value, or low-reliability. Additionally, if you're not sure what type of solution you need - it's a good idea to discuss with our team of experts about your business needs before making a decision.
What are some of the benefits of oil and gas technology solutions?
The benefits of oil and gas technology solutions are that they can create a more sustainable energy future. For example, by using wind turbines instead of coal power plants to generate electricity. The downside is that the technological innovation in this area has been slow.
What are some of the most common issues with oil and gas technology solutions?
Different companies have different problems with oil and gas technology solutions. For some, the issue may be that they need to keep up with current innovations in order to offer their customers the most advanced solution possible. This can include buying new equipment or technologies in order to stay ahead of the competition.

For others, it may be that they need help maintaining the equipment they already have or are trying to find ways to reduce costs. Hidden Brains offers robust oil and gas technology solutions that help overcome industry challenges and roadblocks.

What types of oil and gas technology solutions that you develop?
No matter what your particular needs are, there is an oil and gas technology solution out there for you. And by taking a little time to find out about all of your options, you're sure to find one that will work for you.
  • Energy Trading and Risk Management solutions
  • Contract Management Systems
  • Transportation Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Logistics and shipping
  • Warehouse Management
  • Return Management
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