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Project Background

Coffee hub is a one stop solution for all the
coffee lovers & the coffee vendors. It connects
the Coffee Shop Vendors and the Customers to
meet their needs and love for Coffee.

It caters to
3 major stakeholders:

  • 1

    The Coffee Lovers who can identify their favourite
    coffee shops and place order.

  • 2

    The Coffee Vendors who can manage their snacks & beverages,
    offers, delivery drivers & store timings.

  • 3

    The Delivery Drivers can accept the delivery requests and can deliver the
    order from the coffee shop to the customer’s location.

Key Features

  • Manage Products
  • End-to-End Order flow
  • Reward System
  • Pay through Rewards
  • Pick-up Order
  • Real time Order tracking
  • Live chat Support
  • Multiple payment Options
  • RTL Support

Application UI/UX

We believe that UI portrays the brand values and strengthens users' trust, hence keeping in mind the target audience, we designed minimalistic UI/UX for the customers where they can order their coffee from their favorite coffee shop in a matter of few taps! A Quick and Easy User Experience was specially curated to avoid user having to use keyboard and place an order with just a few taps!


Application Screens

What's Different?

A Smart Platform: Dynamic fields based on address type selected while placing the order.

Ordering at airport? Just select the restaurant that delivers at airport, add your items, select the address type as Airport Delivery and just enter the terminal number! The details go to the delivery executive with the order, and they'll find you at your terminal!

All these are customizable from admin to suit the need.

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