Standardizing the method of developing a software, system or application.

In order to manage a project efficiently, client must choose the most appropriate software development method that can work best for the project at hand.

Hidden Brains believes that each project is unique in terms of requirements and specifications.

As a result, the development method of each project should be evaluated based on its business dynamics, customer expectations, timeline, budget allocations and required level of expertise and experience of resources.


Explore our diverse development methodologies and pick the most suitable one as per your needs.

Different types of development methodologies help clients to engage with us in a smoother and easier way as per their preferences and specifications.


Freedom to introduce new changes with continuous communication and collaboration.


Linear sequential flow and stepwise approach of software development process.


Development model focusing on early identification and minimization of project risks.


Ideal for projects with rapidly changing, dynamic or highly evolving requirements.


Begin with basic requirements and enhance the project with continuous iterations.

Development Approach

We follow the minimalistic software development approach of Test Driven Development (TDD) that drives automated test cases for defining the desired enhancement to the system.

Test Driven Development

Test driven approach ensures better testability and extensibility in the project.

Client Speaks

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