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Project Background

Fun learning: An e-learning platform
with self-assessment
Fun Learning is an LMS that comprises of:
  • Digital curriculums for grades K-8
  • Lesson rating system
  • A user profile system
  • Assessment suite comprised of the SETI
    (Social & Emotional Type Inventory),
    goals setting module and their reports.
Empowering teachers to build Grade K-8 student's
social & emotional learning.

Key Features

  • Flyfive Drag & Drop tiles
    to set goals
  • Flyfive Teacher Assessment using
    complex Algorithm
  • Flyfive Attractive
    Assessment & Goal Reports
  • Flyfive Curriculum
    Library & Management
  • Flyfive Projection of pdf document
    & presentations in an
    external device
  • Flyfive Real time
    Integration with HubSpot

Platform Snapshots

FlyFive FlyFive

Key Challenges

DRM Implementation

Content Authoring - especially PPT content

Projection on big screen from the web browser

Frequent changes to the Algorithm High user experience expectations

Key Result

Successful implementation of the Pilot

Buy-In from leaders of 25 Schools

Exceeding expectations of user experience

Improvement in students grades

SEL awareness among educators


What’s Next

This was just a pilot project and now we are continuing to build this
platform as a complete solution that will change the lives of students and
teachers across the globe.

Our role also involves being a part of the research team from top
universities to continuously upgrade the Algorithm for the assessment.


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Learning into your curriculum?

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