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Best SOS Emergency Solution

Hidden Brains offers SOS alert, emergency & safety solutions that make a critical difference during emergency situations to alert family, friends and emergency responders. During hazardous situations, SOS smart app solution automatically triggers an emergency notification and simultaneously sends the coordinates of the user's location.

With our SOS emergency solution, the users can send text messages on the press of a single button, which ensures that help is on the way to overcome the emergency situation. Whether you are looking for support in alerting & mobilisation, lone worker safety, health emergency, personal safety and more, our SOS alert app solution adheres to the highest standards of autonomy, security, privacy and availability.

Get health and security SOS assistance app when you need it during critical situations, anywhere, anytime. We ensure that our SOS applications respect your privacy at all times and location is shared only during a major incident.

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Key Features of

Emergency Personal Safety App

Our SOS emergency solutions with a complete suite of advanced safety features help citizens feel safe and secure during an emergency or crisis.

  • Citizen Registration

    Citizen Registration option allows registering and creating a profile.

  • Circle of Care Information

    Option to create a circle of care members to send emergency notifications.

  • QR Code

    QR code-based profile containing citizen information to make profile sharing easier.

  • Raise SOS

    Option to raise SOS button/alarm connecting directly to responder or circle of care members.

  • SOS Notification

    Forwarding of the SOS notification with the identity of the person and their location to Police, Volunteer, Circle of Care for rapid assistance via SMS, Push notification.

  • SOS Response

    SOS applications allowing emergency response for law enforcement agencies and volunteers nearby, ensuring emergency support is just a button push away.

  • Real Time Updates

    Continuous location and real-time updates of citizens to control centers ensuring safety during emergency situations.

  • Activity Log

    Get a complete timeline of activity logs outlining real-time incident notification, incident logs and detailed reports for effective monitoring.

  • Mobile Apps

    Easy-to-use SOS emergency app for citizens, police and volunteers.

  • Web-based Interface

    Our web-based control center interface allows effective monitoring at all times.



Time is of the essence during emergency situations. Our SOS application immediately alerts volunteers, law enforcement and family members without wasting time.


Contact Your

Easy to use interface to contact multiple contacts immediately such as family, friends and first responders to avert the emergency situation.



In-built GPS function to automatically provide location of the user in distress, and if needed, allow the user to change the location for increased accuracy.



Stay informed and safe with real-time updates to respond to and recover from disasters. Ensure constant connectivity with circle of friends and family members.


Our SOS assistance app facilitates collaboration and seamless communication during an emergency circumstance.


Technology Platforms

Compatible with latest web & mobile platforms

  • Web

  • Mobile Based
    iOS / Android

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Use Cases of SOS Emergency App Solution

Prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from anything at all with diverse applications across different facets.

Threat Monitoring

Threat Monitoring

A security alert app allows users to send alerts in the form of in-app notifications, SMS & phone call to the nearest law enforcement agencies, volunteers, and circle of Care. Our emergency alert app allows monitoring during threatful situations such as theft, kidnapping, robbery, fire, intrusion, accident, violence, bullying, and much more.

Safety of Elderly

Safety of Elderly

Stay in touch with your parents, grandparents, get notified of any strange activity in or around their home. Get SMS notification in case your elderly faces any situation that requires medical attention. With our emergency alert app try to stay prepared to overcome difficult situations for complete peace of mind.

Healthcare Emergency

Healthcare Emergency

If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation and can’t contact your family or friends right away, having our SOS emergency solutions can help you reach out in case of a difficult situation. Our emergency alert app makes it easy to provide information on your loved ones’ locations so they know where to find you.


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What is Hidden Brains SOS Solution?
Hidden Brains SOS is an emergency alert application built specifically to keep you and your loved ones safe during an emergency. This app sends notifications to a circle of friends, family, volunteers, and enforcement agencies.
The goal of SOS app development solutions is to provide a quick way to request help and alert contacts with key information and your latest location. Messages can be sent to pre-selected emergency contacts with location information.
Which emergency number does Mr. Sentry SOS call?
No. Our SOS application will send SMS and in-app notifications to the appropriate emergency service number or circle of care contacts.
Is this a medical alert app?
Hidden Brains SOS application is not a medical alert app to detect falls, drops in body vitals, or periods of inactivity. Our SOS emergency solutions allows you to send notifications during health-related stressful situations.
Why do I need a profile?
One of the first steps to using an emergency alert application is to create a profile. We use your account information and your profile to
  • Set, manage and administer your account and your profile
  • Seamlessly use all the features of the application available to you
  • Add your circle of contacts, as well as verify your identity
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