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Project Background

Activ is a lifestyle and fitness application built
around streaming and sharing workout videos.
Achieve your fitness resolutions with your favor -
ite health and wellness communities. Trainers
can either live stream or upload pre-recorded
videos to inspire your next fitness journey.


Key Features

  • Live Streaming of Videos
  • App will let you Comment during Live Stream
  • Subscription Model through Token Purchase
  • Instant chat with Fitness Coaches
  • Pre-recorded Video Upload
  • Pre-roll Video Advertisements for added revenue

Business Problem

The client came to Hidden Brains with an intent to build a live video streaming application. The client was inspired by which is a live streaming gaming app.

The client had a preference of executing it through cross-platform frame work as maintenance would be easier.


HiddenBrains research team
carried out a pre-development:

  • Analysis and Research of open source libraries and
  • Built POCs to validate the feasibility before implementation
  • .NET and Xamarin framework
  • C# language

Why Hidden Brains

  • 8+ Years of Experience

    in working with .NET, C# and
    Xamarin forms

  • Clear & smooth

  • Knowledge of the Reference

    platform and it's technology

  • Hidden Brains' experiences in

    building streaming platforms

Based on the results achieved, we decided to move ahead build a solution with integration of third party tools comprising of WOWZA Streaming Engine, JWPlayer SDK for playing videos and streams, and GoCoder SDK for recording live videos.


  • Support from Third Party Platforms

    The third party platforms weren't sound with
    Xamarin and C# and were surprised with the
    fact that we built it with Xamarin.

  • iOS Developer Agreement changes

    We had to incorporate many structural changes into
    the application to adapt to the new guidelines
    released by iOS

  • Platform Challenges

    Various technical challenges faced while ensuring
    that application would be cross-platform ready.

Key Result

  • A robust, high performance & industry standard streaming solution was built
  • 99% of the 3rd Party issues were solved in-house without external support
  • The UI/UX of the app was well received by the client, investors & users
  • The client was happy with the Never Give Up attitude of Hidden Brains dedicated team
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